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GIST - August 2002 Issue
Smile, I Give Four Talks A Day

Herb     I ENJOY MY DAILY fare as the Dean on campus including a large variety of activities plus -- a talk during breakfast, a talk during lunch, a talk during dinner and a talk the Thought For Today.
     Each talk is stimulated by something that was said to me, some attitude another has, the mood of the day or a thousand other possibilities. Giving the talks is not demanding, but finding the time of 40-60 minutes each to put them on the Internet so our thousands of listeners around the globe can enjoy these talks with us shortly after they are given is interesting.
     I am in the process of devising a new way of encoding them on the Net and have succeeded in one measure with our new digital Olympus recorder. This DM-1 can record 44 hours on one chip, can play them back and allows me to transfer the entire recording of minutes or hours in seconds to my computer to a .wav file in preparation to getting it on the Net.
     However, I believe there is a way to take these recorded files and place them directly -- or almost directly -- on our Net HomePage so everyone can access them handily and beneficially and taking me but a few moments for the transfer. I have been sliding the files back and forth to the Olympus recorder and to my computer and into several of the "steps" presently required to take the talks from the spoken voice to radio waves of the Internet. 
     Many have pointed out the impossibilities of it and told me it cannot be done. Each of these objections -- logical or otherwise -- have only stimulated me to mentally go within and listen to what the divine in me has to suggest. I know the answer is there.
     The thrill of not having to have cassettes, mini disks, and heavy recorders, although they are exceedingly light compared to years past, is truly exciting. MP3 files, digital files, magic, sparkling me into a new dimension. I live with a smile on my face. 

-Dr Herbert L Beierle