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GIST - August 2002 Issue
Ugh! Rules For Campus


   IN EVERY EXPERIENCE IN life programs have rules. Sometimes we are reluctant to follow the rules. The rules are there whether we like them or not. If we ride on the forefront of imagination in life and the world, we are masters of all rules. The rules of the campus are designed with being master of our life and affairs. The rules are all leading that direction.
     God Unlimited/University of Healing is a place of awareness of GOD indwelling where words of life, love and peace have been given expression since its dedication. Its vibrations are perfect. All who enter upon these consecrated grounds -- as they silently believe -- are instantly healed.
Words of life, love and peace used in this place and on its grounds are so strong that the emanating vibrations from words of harmony and perfection fulfill themselves.
     What takes place in this place happens in every being. Sending forth words of life, love, peace, harmony and perfection, each express this purity in every area of life.
     God Unlimited/University of Healing is god's house, man's house of awareness.

Rules On Campus

THE CAMPUS OF the University of Healing operated by the Absolute Monastery is pure paradise. All who come to campus are delighted with the ambience of the grounds. There is something special here that invites mediation and seclusion. It is not that we want to get away from life, rather we want to quietly listen to the dynamics of the master being we are inside, and this can be best done contemplating the thought, "I am the only person here."
     Doing this demands an intensive selfdiscipline which allows us to be aware of only ourselves and no one else, even though we may be surrounded by people, pets and an environment filled with vital living energy from all that exists on the 104 acres in the fastness of the Southern California high desert. 
     Everyone who comes to the Monastery and its grounds do so to listen within. Training to do this requires selfdedication unlike anything we have consciously known. We have experienced this selfdedication often but were unaware of it because it seemed to be so natural.
     We experience this selfdiscipline momentarily as we watch a movie and deeply involved in it we feel the rain, the snow, the wind, the emotions of the actors, the utter destitution of the play -- and the sense of indescribable joy, unbounded happiness, elation of success and the feelings which are multiple but spirited not by reality but by the event of the theater we view and live. Too simple! True, but effective. We use this same procedure to enter into a meditative state. 
     Biofeedback teaches this same technique through the principle of learning to know what it feels like to be in the "alpha-theta" mind set. When we reach that state we feel bliss and oneness.
     This is the consciousness on campus.
     For this reason we have rules which are followed.
     Every rule is designed to fulfill a specific condition leading to awareness of our divine oneness. These conditions are few but definite: onepointed, nonjudgmental, untouched and disciplined; leading to the state of unconditional love.

Simplicity Itself

AT THE MONASTERY we have 13 rules that everyone practices. These rules are "so" easy and simple it might seem they are unimportant. However, each rule trains us in an area of oneness and responsibility. The rules are:

1. If I open it, I close it.
2. If I turn it on, I turn it off.
3. If I unlock it, I lock it.
4. If I break it, I repair it.
5. If I cannot fix it, I call in someone who can.
6. If I borrow it, I return it.
7. If I use it, I take care of it.
8. If I make a mess, I clean it up.
9. If I move it, I put it back.
10. If it belongs to someone else and I want to use it, I get permission.
11. If I do not know how to operate it, I ask someone to show me how.
12. If it does not concern me, I mind my own business.
13. If I take it away, I replace it.

     It is difficult for us to open something and close it. We leave the door open for someone who is behind us, or we hold it open for someone.  Interestingly, it is not such a common courtesy as we might think. Normally we are very selfcentered and do not hold the door for others as often as we might think we do. So our normal conditioning is to not hold the door open for others, or seat a lady, or stand when a lady comes to the table or leaves-this type of gentlemanly courtesy is passť. 
     Each of these rules is vital to living the life of an introspective person. Es-pecially the rule 12. If it does not concern me, I mind my own business.
It seems that a human life revels on minding someone else's business. A humanly directed person finds great joy in comparing and judging. Usually it is that the other person is not doing as well as they should, could, or would. We, of course, know what is better and are mentally and vocally and physically ready to "advise" and insist on them doing it correctly by our standards.
     At the Monastery this is one of the "heavy" programs we train in. At times the sharer, in the form of various individuals, chides those at the Monastery about what they are doing or thinking-yes, even thinking. Some are caught up short by this and feel that we are picking on them-we are! If they "can be" untouched by our apparent anger, distrust or happiness, they make progress in being untouched and selfdisciplined.
     We do not follow the rules and procedures of humanity and its impossibilities. 
     For an observer objectively considering some of the things going on at the Monastery, they may conclude everyone is an idiot, and they are correct. Everyone is an idiot from normal viewing. A foolish or stupid person to outer appearances. More like an idiot savant, one who is highly knowledgeable in one area. We are knowledgeable in the area of walking our inner spiritual path which to those not walking it with us, we seem purposeless. Indeed, who would live as though they were the only beings on Earth, an idiot? When you know you are the creator of your world and you are the only being on Earth, it makes sense. However, to arrive at this intention and acceptance requires recognition that there is a power in this universe that appears greater than we are because we look outside for it. Once we look within, there the power is, there the allness is, there we truly dwell.
     At the Monastery we choose to live in moderation.
If we choose to have an alcoholic drink, be herbivore or carnivore, wear clothing, fast or view videos-the program allows for this.
     The practice at the Absolute Monastery is:

- At all times, be yourself and have fun: follow your inner teacher.
- Remember, this is a school and we are tested continuously in even the simplest of things.
- Keep your sleeping quarters in order, put everything you have in its place when you are done using them.
- After using a sink, counter top or shower clean it and wipe it dry.
- Take off your shoes upon entering buildings, place them in the cabinet provided for them.
- At meals pass food and tooth picks after you receive them. You may take a selection at your pleasure.
- After each meal place your silverware and dishes on the counter by the sink.
- If you are scheduled as a kitchen helper, be aware of your assignment.
- In your retreat, do not place objects, towels or clothing on heaters. 
- Share positive ideas at all times.
- Shower before using the SwimEx, Jacuzzi or swimming pool.
- When done using golf cars always plug in the electric carts and make sure gas carts have gas in them.
- Be courteous, prompt and follow schedules.
- Keep smiling!
- Drink lots of water.
- Be master of your mental and physical emotions, there is a time and place for everything.

     THOSE WHO CHOOSE to come to the Absolute Mona- stery and its grounds are dedicated spiritual beings. Each has a "quest" which they may call wholeness, right action, peace, harmony, love or any of a thousand possibilities. Those who come with the desire to fulfill that quest achieve their goal when they abide by the program and follow the rules with all of their attention and attitude. And besides that, it is fun!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle