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GIST - November 2002 Issue
The Magic Of Achievement

Ellen     CARRY MY HAIRDRESSER, is a tiny fine Philippine lady. She is a dynamic vital ever smiling woman who does not let her fine bodily stature limit her inner power, her determination. I always feel a great energy in and around Carry and at my last visit I asked her wondering how she had started her saloon. 
     To immigrate from the Philippines to the USA was not such an easy task--when I came to the states, she explains to me while thoughtfully working on my hair cut. I had an aunt who had the American citizenship but the work to get my green card I had to do on my own.
     But this was not all the challenge which I created while leaving my mother, my sisters and brothers, my family and friends, yes my beloved country--I had to start from scratch and that meant learning a profession and earning money.
     Carry, determined as she is in her decisions with her clients, so she is certainly with anything she wants to achieve. She asked for the State for a money loan so she could go to school and become a hairdresser. The rule was if you pass or not pass your final exam, you still have to pay back the loan in a time range of six months. This was hard work for me as it was not all that easy to fine instantly a job. As a hairdresser you have the possibility to rent a chair at a hairdresser and depending how good one is, how self-confident and determined in attitude, things work out fast and good. Carry was excellent. As one of the best in school she quickly proved her skills with her new clients and going through some ups and downs she finally achieved her goal. Her loan she paid pack after six months and after two years in the States life went only uphill. 
     Carry had a dream, ONEPOINTEDLY she kept it in her heart and accomplished it regardless of any obstacles. She was pure in thoughts, pure and determined on her goal.
     We often think to achieve something, we must make something happen. It is only our focused thought which manifests into itself. The thought is the thinker and the thinker is the thought.
     Many people are boggled by this idea for they deny the opportunity to accept the I AM as the creator. Of course if doubt creeps in our mind, we start all over again. DUALITY brings any problem, our thoughts YES, NO, YES, NO, this happens when I think that the thinker and the thought are separated. We feel that our actions and I as the actor are two. Nonsense!
     I AM god, I am it!
     The appearance of NOT ACHIEVEMENT happens when I am impure in my thoughts. As I allow myself to be distracted by anything less than what my goal is, if the goal is a profession, a harmonious relationship, perfect health and wealth or if it is my goal as a spiritual master. There are once more our 8 points:
     All that matters I like me and I stick to my goal, to whom I am--and all the world is in my hand. I can certainly sing: I have the whole world in my hand...
     George Bush became millionaire, now in addition to being the President: He was a ne’er do well and was a mediocre student. The only real money he made with his baseball team. He found $600.000 to invest in a baseball team in Texas and became the managing partner. As the head of the team, he got the government to give him $200 million to build a brand new baseball stadium.
     The value of George’s investment soared from 600.000 to about 12million in a few years. He knew the system and he got that government money to make him wealthy.

-Dr Ellen Jermini