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GIST - November 2002 Issue
Dwelling In Absolute


   OUR INTELLECTUAL SELF is amused and intrigued dwelling in ABSOLUTE. For in ABSOLUTE the human element is nonexistent. In ABSOLUTE the relative world is not even a microcosm in the macrocosm—it is an illusion born out of imagination lacking in reality. Our thinking process finds this exciting and a game necessary to be played. When the diversion is concluded the game is put away in its unreal imagination until the mind once again is bored seeking something amusing with which to occupy itself.
     Before we can dwell in ABSOLUTE we think we must understand the virtual and live harmoniously and comfortably in the relative. We think we must be a human master, a relative master, an ascended human mortal-- being these we are farther from dwelling in ABSOLUTE since we consent to live even more limited in our qualified existence in its most practical way.
We want to dwell in ABSOLUTE and at the same time not give up our humanness.
     The question we might ask ourselves is whether we even understand what it means to dwell in ABSOLUTE.
     As a child we little understand what it means to be a big person. As a child we pretend we are grown-up playing grown-up games, playing them in the manner in which we have seen "grown-ups" play the game. Perhaps this is the best way to play any game, without truly knowing the rules of the game. For when we know the rules of the game the game often is not so much fun anymore. 
     We know many adults who rearrange the rules of the game even as they are playing the game--the way a child plays any game. All of these illusions appear out of the relative world and just "are" the way the games are played.
     Children who win at any game and have great fun in playing the game are those who are not limited by the rules of the game. True, they hold fast to the rules of the game, know the rules well and use them for their own benefit, but the game and its rules become their tool to achieve mastery of themselves, the game, the rules and the players. They are seemingly "brighter" than their peers. Their peers are equally bright, but have not taken the game on from a higher perspective. Their peers look at the game on the face of it and not for what stands behind the game, understanding the emotions of the players, the greed of the players, the win at any cost of some players, and many other hidden agenda which cause players to lose.
     For the fun of it, say with complete abandon, My game is Dwell in ABSOLUTE.
     The precocious child playing his game to be master of the game, knows every facet of the game and is aware how he can use each aspect of the game to his benefit.
     Now let’s pretend we are that precocious child playing the game for our benefit. Our game is to Dwell in ABSOLUTE. What are the rules of such a game, how do we relate to the other players, what is the benefit to us to play the game and what do we take home when the game is over?
     First, how do we define Dwell in ABSOLUTE so we can play the game? Dwell in ABSOLUTE is defined as: 
1. Be Unlimited; 
2. Know Everything al- ready Is; 
3. Know I Am The Creator and Created Everything; 
4. I Am The Only Reality; 
5. All Know I Am The Only Creator; 
6. I Am The IS;
7. I Am The ALL;
8. When The Game Is Over I Reveal My Allness.

     What are the rules of the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE?
     Pretend the game is real. The first rule of the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE is to participate in the game fully.
     To participate in the game fully means that we give it our full attention. We get so involved in the game we forget to go home for supper, we forget we are not supposed to get our clothing dirty, we forget that it is "only" a game and we are totally involved and intense in the game. We are jealous of the rules, the rules cannot be ignored because it is "only" a game, and this is for blood. When anyone ignores the rules or violates the rules we are on their back, tooth and nail, demanding that they adhere to the rules completely--to the death! 
     Our let’s pretend is for real. We do not call it a "game" we call it for real. 
     We play the game for the fun of it and it is fun. We play the game to be ourselves and have fun, and so we do. This is a primary rule of the game. Any voyeur who is just sightseeing, is not welcome in the confines of the game. Everyone involved in the game is involved in it for real. 
     How do I relate to the other players in the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE?
     I am number one. I relate to other players in the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE knowing that they did not exist before I created them. In allness and isness they are my illusions. They are a temporary chimera expressing whatever it is that I have in my thought about them at the moment. 
     Just as we have appearance and seem to be real so ABSOLUTE shines forth in the illusion of reality which is a nonreality and appears to be substantial while it quickly changes moment to moment into any outer form it pleases and any apparent reality. These illusions do not make it more real, but are the machinations of the game. The intrigue of Dwell in ABSOLUTE is as vast and unique as the players in the game--namely: ME! 
     What is the benefit to me to play the game Dwell in Absolute?
     The benefit to me to play the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE is that it gives me uniqueness, apparent expression and reiteration of my reality. Actually I am always playing this game. Even as I pretend to be universal and not human, I am human and play the human game for the fun of it. The benefit to me from playing this game is that I propose a human self for myself, I put limitations on myself, and then I remind myself that I am not the human self, not the limitations and not the illusion. It would seem that I could not forget my reality--but as I tell myself I forget as part of the game, then I play the game of remembering and I do remember.
     What do I take home when the game Dwell in ABSOLUTE is over?
     When mother calls to come in for supper, what do I take home when the game is over: I take home the awareness I played a good fun game. I take home that I am number one. I take home that the world I am going home to is the greatest illusion of all. I can return to my game Dwell in ABSOLUTE in an instant in my thought at any point in the game I choose to remember. 
     Where is home? Home is wherever I think it is. My choice.
    This may not have made ABSOLUTE more palatable to you, but it is the way the game is played. When we can realize that whatever we choose to experience we experience, then we stop being serious with something which is not serious. We put ourselves here on Earth to be ourselves and have fun. If in all things this is what we do—we are doing it right.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle