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GIST - November 2002 Issue
Life Is Full Of Surprises

Herb     IN MY TRAVELS around the world I meet people of every persuasion. I meet people who say that they are Christians. I meet people who say they believe in Buddhism. I meet people who say they are free spirits. All of these people talk up a storm--and perhaps, you might say, I talk up a storm too. However, the people I meet who say the least and act the most are those who delight me thoroughly.
     Celestial music as a background for the services and seminars was a highlight I will never forget. While presenting a seminar in Farmington New Mexico I met an entire community of spectacular people. I thought I had seen everything, but until I had been in Farmington, I had surprises still open for me.
     The thing that touched me the most of the citizens of this high desert community was in part their friendliness, their spiritual awareness and their standing firm for their convictions. What really thrilled me was how they lived what they believed.
     It was not in a single or a just few instances, it was virtually all the time. They profoundly stood behind their convictions. It was not as though they were proving something to themselves; it was their natural manner of being themselves and enjoying life.
     I loved watching them in their innocence, naivety and their purity of inner consciousness. All the people I met radiated an inner bliss. It was as though they knew something that delighted them so deeply which is that the world about them is absolute paradise.
     In my naivety I asked many of them why they had chosen as their home this bleak desert apparently waterless community, so seemingly barren and desolate, when a world of other possibilities exist for them.
     To a person, each proclaimed, Farmington is Paradise. While the community has a charm about it, it would not excite a population shift to its door. 
     Yet, if everyone would have the privilege I had in greeting, meeting and living with these people for just a few days, a community of people who live their life convictions, each would ask themselves, as I did, why not move to Farmington. In this city live people who have found an inner joy we are each searching for all of our lives.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle