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GIST - February 2003 Issue
True Love Can Wait

Herb     AS I WAS GROWING up as a young man my mother did not preach to me or coerce me to believe in things, she just planted seeds and allowed them to grow in their own time. "It is time soon enough to have sex once you are married." I only remember hearing her say this once. She believed in the Law of cause and effect and used it wisely.
     There are five of us children from Ray the oldest, my two twin sisters Mae and Marie, myself and my younger brother Howard. 
     We were brought up in a time of family values different from what many experienced during the 50’s and 60’s. However, this was just the age that we were having our children. It was a time of undefined morals and an openness to sex in whatever forms it might take and with whom it might take place. This gave an insecurity to the young people who were coming up during this time. If their parents and their world did not pronounce values regarding sex, they would do it for themselves based on how they thought they observed the rest of the world.
     A renaissance is emerging regarding values and morals. During our recent visit to Nigeria and Ghana it was obvious that Aids had left its taint on society. On the back of taxis and buses were signs about refraining from indiscriminate sex. Have one partner and use a protection.
     However, even during our 30 days there we noticed the most beautiful sentiment began to proliferate on the backs of cars, taxis and buses. It was a circle decal and in it sits back to back the outline of a young man and a young woman. Below it these words: 
     True Love Can Wait.
     Just what my mother taught us. 

-Dr Herbert L Beierle