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GIST - July/August 2003 Issue
Why Me Oh Lord

Ellen      There are times in our life we ask ourselves: Why Me O Lord? This happens when we are going through challenges we think are more than we can handle. Is this really true? 
     There is a saying: Whatever the situation is, YOU created it because you are ready to be master of it. 
     I hear some of you saying: No, no, this is not MY creation, this is not My fault, this is something which my mom, my dad, my teacher, my husband, my wife, my son, my daughter, my boss, my friend or whoever we want to blame, did to me. They hurt me, they are wrong and I am right. How easy it is to put blame on someone else and pronounce myself the angel while all others are the devil. I woke up to the realization that it is rather the contrary and that it is time for me to be honest with myself accepting the fact that I AM THE CREATOR OF MY WORLD! 
     There is a young couple, Marion and Peter who are married since 13 years. They have a lovely nine year old son, a genius child. They own a just newly built house and another home in the mountains.  Both enjoy a great position at their job and like the responsibility in the office. They also each drive their own car-in few words-they have everything in the outer their heart can dream of-yet they feel unhappy. They are discontented because they arrived at a point in their life and are ready to wake up to REAL LIFE.  
     What is real life? The University of Healing teaches: Be yourself and have fun which means to enjoy a harmonious happy world. Naturally being yourself is more than just eating, drinking, going to work and having all kinds of toys; although there is nothing wrong with all this. However, it means even more: to enjoy life from WITHIN, without possession and nonjudgmentally.  
     Just at the peak years of their marriage, Marion and Peter are passing through a storm in life, they can sarcastically "enjoy" as a drama, mutually fight it or objectively and patiently face it. The law of cause and effect does not care one way or the other it responds on their desire. 
     While their marriage sky is covered with heavy black clouds-their attitudes and misunderstandings-they come to the realization that behind this dramatic black sky the sun does shine. In moments of solitude, they each feel a ray of sunlight bringing each closer to their real self. For the first time Marion and Peter become aware of an INNER power, an inner strength, their indwelling divinity. 

     They now face their state of storm with an untouchable attitude and enter a state of nonresistance, a state of grace and lightness, free of limitations. 
     They both let go the past and accept the HERE and NOW, a presence which is illumined by a blue sunny sky, the heavenly vault which uncovered Marion's and Peter's love, their everlasting love. 

     Why me O Lord?
To set my priorities and find my real values in life: time to be alone, time to be still, time to let the divine within reveal itself-real life!

-Dr Ellen Jermini