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GIST - July/August 2003 Issue
Making Principle Work


Spiritual healing tests our discipline, our integrity and our desire. We claim we want spiritual healing; however, are we willing to give what it takes to achieve it? Anyone who is master of their being, of their life and of their decisions learns to stand up strongly for that which they say is vitally important to them.

     If a person is sick he has little difficulty in acting like a sick man, thinking like a person who is ill and being a patient. If a person is a success, he acts successful and thinks success in all areas of his life. 
     Why then is it so difficult-for us to consider that when we say there is a spiritual principle that tells us that whatever we think about we will experience in our life and affairs-for us to consistently apply it on a daily basis in our world of experiences? 
     It all boils down to the idea that being sick or successful is something that we can see and touch whereas using an invisible principle is a leap in belief that is both hard to initiate and maintain.  
     We can learn to set in motion spiritual healing. 
     The invisible world of spiritual healing is no different than thinking about "a minute from now" or visualizing going to the movies or wanting something so powerfully that "you can taste it." These are things we all can relate to and have experienced more than once. 
     Readily we can close our eyes and "see" anything we desire. What we see is invisible to our objective view, but we claim we can actually see it in our mind's eye. Sometimes we see it and believe in it so completely that it actually is there.  
     It is easy to "mouth" the idea that our body is the temple of the living spirit and every organ action and function of our body is whole and perfect right now. We say originally our body is created whole and perfect, and in thought we can return to our original purity and integrity. We admit to our ideal form being flawless. These are things we tell ourselves time and again, but unfortunately there is no conviction or belief there. There is no sense of integrity in our desire-it is, in fact, a meaningless concept. Since it is meaningless we do not feel uncomfortable thinking of it as a pipedream, a farce and something that is insignificant of accomplishing. 
     People who are achievers, people who accomplish their dreams, people who live in a state of happiness and fulfillment are those who take their dreams and put power behind them, the power of selfdiscipline, of personal integrity and the desire to see it done. 
     We put power behind our dreams every time we listen to our inner voice that excites us to accomplish something beyond what we have heretofore considered the norm. 
     Once we have decided that we want to experience spiritual healing in our body-depending upon how seriously this is our choice-we will face wholeness immediately. 
     This sounds like a rather dramatic response. We attest that, to our remembrance, this has not happened to us in the past. We say, surely for a saint or someone who is spiritually illumined it "might" happen that way. 
     I say that when we are working with a principle it does not need special conditions, it only needs application. Application needs diligence, it needs determination, it needs dedication and it needs discipline. When we have given these conditions to any choice we expedite through the universal law of cause and effect, we enjoy the results now. 
     Indeed, spiritual healing tests our discipline, our integrity and our desire. Simple, definite, reality-we act upon our choice.  
     Just as we coldly say to someone who is ill, "Do you want to live or die?" If the person wants to live we see it done for them now. If the person wants to die, we see that done for them now. In making such a dramatic decision we exercise an energy and conviction not done under all circumstances. Many quickly change from the death rattle to the life chortle. 
     Seriously, we experience spiritual healing when we choose to know it. We are a master at not experiencing it as well as a master of experiencing it. Either is acceptable and our choice. 
     It sounds cold. It is cold. It is analytical. It is principle. Principle does not know emotion or needs, it only knows to act upon whatever it is we have placed into motion for its expression. 

     At all times we are the master of disciplining ourselves, disciplining our thought and disciplining our actions. Thank heaven!

 Dr Herbert L Beierle