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GIST - July/August 2003 Issue
The Consummate Practitioner

Herb     Blithely we accept the title of practitioner. We think that just because we know the technique practitioners apply when working with people who call upon them for wholeness that we are doing it correctly. 
     The works of a practitioner is seemingly cold and unemotional-as it were, inhuman. 
     A practitioner is only interested in the fact that a person comes to them for wholeness. Then as far as the person seeking wholeness is concerned, the practitioner has nothing more to do with them. The practitioner is now working with the principle, the law of cause and effect. There is no further involvement with the individual. 
     The practitioner first heals his own attitude about the condition brought to his attention. For when the friend seeking wholeness comes to the practitioner the person usually tries to relate the problem. If the practitioner gets wind of the problem, the practitioner must clear their consciousness of the problem and concentrate absolutely on the solution
     In this raised consciousness the practitioner sees wholeness, present and complete, nothing more is to be done. 
     Effective practitioners are seeming miracle workers and cold. 
     The minister counsels with the friend discussing the why and wherefore of their circumstance offering new attitudes to institute in their life so that only wholeness expresses itself there. The work of the minister is a vital role in the nature of humanity. 
     The practitioner turns its attention one hundred percent to man's divinity and wholeness.  
     Those who want to learn how to live the flawless supreme ideal life counsel with the minister. 
     Those who want spiritual healing as quickly as possible see the practitioner.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle