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GIST - March 2004 Issue
My Wakeup Call

Ellen      The media communicates in myriad thril-ling ways which may challenge my divine consciousness.

At the University of Healing I do not see or hear news from television or newspapers. How-ever, world news is well displayed on the internet. Some-times it also sneaks into my awareness by well-meant e-mails.

Yesterday I opened an attention-grabbing e-mail message from one of our UNI students in Florida. It was for me a gratifying wakeup call.

The article spoke of the terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center believing that there is a GREATER RE-WARD waiting for them in heaven. Their action on their religious belief was conscientiously trained into them since childhood. It is their integrity. How easily I fall into the trap of judging their actions blaming their relative deeds as unlawful achievements.

The grand Master taught to judge not and he who is without sin may throw the first stone.

Where am I standing in consciousness relative to those two lessons?

My father, not even 20, left as the youngest of ten brothers into the First World War. His pride and his integrity were to stand up for his Fatherland, for Germany. He left home as a volunteer to follow his honor to God and his country—educational religious directions. With him were many young men, some married, ready to give their life for their country. This keenness and devotion of brave men happens around the world especially when there is a political, religious, financial conflict between nations. Heroic men stand up to prove their valiant actions. Mostly it reflects their righteousness based on justice and morality. Sure, they go out believing that it is for a valuable purpose, for their religious heaven. They clash for their nation, their country, for their tribes as this is a normal human action and they think they are doing well.

As a divine-human being my ethical belief, my integrity is tested in many ways.

As an American citizen—for instance—I am called to be a witness in judicial trials. I am put on jury duty to judge someone accused guilty or innocent based on second-hand human re-ports often falsely presented for political, religious or even personal reasons. My religious belief withdraws me from those duties. I have my principles and stand up for them, being nonjudgmental and unconditional. My real duty is my thought focused on peace which I affirm as perfect right action in whatever I am involved, physically, mentally or spiritually.

I jog my earthly path in the divine foot steps of my pure consciousness listening to the divine within. Jesus said: the kingdom of god is within. He demonstrated his words through examples spending time alone in the desert and the mountains to pray and meditate.

My true heroic action stands behind who and what I am. Daily I give myself opportunities to follow my inner belief. Any phone call from students, friends or family members is a wake up call to my realself. I live as a practitioner. I see my world in divine order as I live from my awareness that I AM GOD, GOD I AM—and I am the creator of a wonderful loving world.

It is time for me to let go the blasphemed traditional, human, limiting ideas that I am less than god. Already in my early traditional religious teachings I learned that god is unlimited, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. I stand up for my belief and accept myself as the totality of god. Now is the acceptable time!

I know my priority as a DIVINE being I fulfill all human tasks. In this light I see every being on Earth illumined in the awareness of being god, being good and very good. Every task I create to be asked to do, reflects my purity in consciousness.

The e-mail letter concluded with the following sentence: we should all pray hard and fast that God change the hearts of the terrorists.

I conclude my article knowing all the world sees harmony, peace, right action and love and I say: I am god, all is god and all is in divine order--what I see I am. I wake up.

-Dr Ellen Jermini