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GIST - March 2004 Issue
I Walk My Inner Path

Herb     My November 2003 weekend seminar in Montréal Canada was an outstanding success. For two days I shared walking my inner path. Surrounded by a room filled with spiritual aspirants, we took the journey into our inner sanctuary and let our minds dwell on our spiritual oneness.

Canadian students of the University of Healing the Rev Dr Aline Côtè and the Rev Dolores Cheeks hosted the seminar at the Collège Notre Dame. I said everything I do is working on my inner path. My inner path is as clear as I make it. I have the answers to all my questions. I control my world, health, relationship, abundance and success.

As we become still and listen within to the revelation of our divine right action we find that this quietude is our everyday experience, the pathway for which we have chosen this lifetime. We find we are at peace within by saying I am peace and realizing all the hustle bustle of the world in which we live only claims our attention and does not empower our inner awareness. As difficult as it is to say these simple words Be Myself and Have Fun, they are the very essence of our purpose for being here on Earth; this is why we were born.

For two days from 9:30 to 5 we shared in this French-Canadian citadel of education and concluded that we are our own guru, our own teacher, our own leader. As much as everyone was tempted to worship an outside being for their inner development, the issue was clear that they were the only ones who could lead themselves into the divine within.

I shared with them the benefits and technique of the three-hour-meditation and demonstrated some of its effectiveness. An overwhelming interest was shown in the process with many promises to practice the program. As they do their lives will be illumined--as they are now.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle