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GIST - March 2004 Issue
Let Go The Past


     One of the greatest difficulties any of us ever experience is to let go of the past and live in the present—and even in this—it is not living in the present but in living in the NOW. Any moment other than the now is a moment in the past and controls our thinking and our experiences. Now is the only acceptable time any of us will ever build on in our life.

My Perfect Companion

It seems that many people think that I run a lonely hearts club to guide them into their perfect relationship. I smile at this use of my work. However, it is true! I do operate a lonely hearts club. Rather I would call it the Club of Magic Fulfill-ment.

I constantly tell my friends to listen to the divine within them and to follow that wisdom. I suggest that the divine wisdom in them knows the perfect method of accomplishing any desire in their heart. Then they play games with me and say I told them to follow what the divine in them tells them to do. From my illustration they say that they were told to kiss the girl they saw . . . .

After kissing the girl she struck them flat to the pavement and they moaned, "The divine in me said it was okay to kiss her." And then I suggest if they had listened fully to the divine and not acted so impetuously they would have heard all the divine had to say to them, "You may kiss the girl—but if you do she will strike you flat onto the pavement."

The divine in us always speaks to us very clearly and without confusion. We, however, are not accustomed to listening to the divine—or anyone else for that matter—for either a short or long time, and because of this we miss the obvious message given to us.

As we learn to let go the past completely and live in the present, not just the present but the now we will find that miracles happen to us constantly.

A young man wrote to the Club of Magic Fulfill-ment to ask for guidance in his relationship, he called it his companionship.

I told him to forget the past completely and live in the now and experience magic.

I wrote to him:

Beloved Friend

So long as a student questions the teacher's technique of teaching, little learning is done. Suffice it to say that what I have said is said in all understanding love and the realization that the "real" desire of your heart is now already met—it is up to you to let go of all that is past, including the present, to experience the now! If you cannot even do that because you are keeping your mind focused in the past, you are a dead mackerel.

It is important to take all of the past and let it be past. It does not matter how good it was or how good the memory seems to be, let the past go and be gone. What "is dreamed up for you in the now" is so exciting you would be amazed at how wonderful it is! You cannot believe this because you are mired in the past. As you let go the past, the miracle of the now unfolds its magic for you in ways unimaginable.

I offer you these suggestions, not to limit you, but to expand your experiences to a wonder that lies yet hidden from your view. Suffice I can see it. It is there for an infinite number of other searchers. Suffice it is there. Suffice and believe that if you can let go the past and live in the present, the being you reveal in the present will have none of the limitations of the past. This is so very important for you and your world. You know this is the way principle functions. Now get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits.

I love you, you nut. Accept this blessing. Close your eyes to the limited past and open them to the unlimited now.


It is so easy to live in the past. It is so easy to see the perfect companion for us, usually someone we already know and have had a friendship/relationship with which touched upon bliss and magic and we want it again and again. We know we know the person. We know we know the experience we want. We know we know what is best for us. Smile, how little we know!

At this point I would like to suggest the Club of Magic Fulfillment is not just for relationships, companionships, wishes, desires and dreams—but for the fulfillment of the principle in every area of our relative world. Every area of our relative world—regardless—it is the desire devoutly to be wished and fulfilled.

In our relative limitation we look at the world and dream what it could be for us. Because it is our relative world it is limited. Should we train ourselves to look at our divine possibilities, should we listen within and pay attention to the Club of Magic Fulfillment we would be amazed at what the offering is for our simple request.

I love to tell stories. I take any situation and make a glorious story out of it. My listeners say that my imagination has gone wild. However, my listeners devotedly listen to my stories and smile an inward smile sort of hopeful that it might somehow be true.

I assure you the stories are true.

Go ahead and laugh, those of you who have heard them, but can you dream up a more fascinating desirably enjoyable story than I can come up with? Where does the story emerge from, does it come from hopefulness or reality? If we look closely at my stories it is obvious they are revealing what already exists. Yes, it already exists, somewhere and under some circumstances—then why not for us right where we are doing just what we are doing. Dream your wildest dream and watch it come true.

My would-be lovers, seekers, dreamers come to me to guide them on the pathway to fulfillment in the Club of Magic Fulfillment and I suggest to them to be irrational, to be unreasonable, to be unimaginable, to be way-out and then watch it happen. Biblical references, philosophical thinking, psychological realisms all say the same thing, but the tendency is not to believe because it is just too far-out, too unrealistic.

We teach in the UNI that the divine is not limited by fact or logic or reason. It transcends these illusions and touches a greater reality than the world has ever known.

The way to live in the now is to do everything for the moment. It takes the type of attitude a youngster has playing in the sand box. He is not concerned about anything else except his fantasy world. He sees his pretend cars, his pretend people, his pretend world as being very real. Not for a second does he consider the implications of what he is doing on the next moment. He looks at what he is doing now as the only thing that matters. We can do this also if we are able to release all needs to be responsible to our world, to ourselves and to whatever it is that we are doing. Listen only to the magic of the now and belong to the Club of Magic Fulfillment for the time of our life.

It is simple. However, have we learned to be simple? We have learned to be complex. We have learned to take life seriously. We have learned to think that if things do not happen a certain way all is lost. How silly that is.

I live in the now and find it the most absorbing exciting experience of my life.

I have relationships in the now. I have companions in the now. There is no other time. How lovely it is to be free of something I did not have to be owned by in the first place.

Me Slowing Down, Pshaw

When we get old and unsure of ourselves we slow down so that we can be very careful where we put our feet, how we drive our cars, how we do the things we formerly did with such selfconfidence and ass-uredness. The more we slow down the less confident we are in ourselves. Something to think about.

Age is a time to take it easy, to prepare for the final showdown of giving up and turning in our keys to the ranch. We are told to retire. We are told to take the trips we always wanted to go on. We are told to be ready that we are not able to do the precision work we had done before and most assuredly we are not able to give quick—instant responses to our driving a motor vehicle.

This is a most interesting point of view. We have examples of outstanding people who are in their 70s, 80s, 90s and even 100s who are very active and responsive. They are crisp in their thinking, in their minds and in their response to the world in which they live. These people have not accepted age to be decrepitude for them; they are alert and interested in life.

Science reports that when people in their senior years maintain an interest in cross word puzzles, mathematics, deep reading of philosophy and psychology, having an interest in politics, science, religion, history and other fields of study, these people live longer and live healthy longer.

Who is it that tells these "older" people to stop living—the younger people who think that it will be easier to run the ship without the old captains who were set in their ways. Advancement would be more quickly done if the old guard were out of the way, smile.

We have just experienced some of the younger generation in finance over the past several years where one thing was forgotten—integrity. These people ran up companies into high value dollar wise but low value integrity wise. They were not raised on the values of their elders, probably because they put their elders to pasture too quickly. In so doing the elders, the teachers, the examples were lost and the modern younger generation thought they lived in an anything goes type of world.

I am not saying that age brings with it wisdom and integrity. I am saying that traditions of integrity and belief in the success and advice of those who have made it might truly count for something.

It is amusing to read Business Week magazine and see one issue devoted to the failures in their companies. Another issue devoted to the "unusual" men and women who did not bargain integrity for dollars. These articles were read with great amusement and confusion. Why was the integrity missing in the management of many great businesses—it was missing because, not because it was so easy, rather because it was not in the makeup of these managers in the first place.

We shall not lock the barn after the horse is out. We shall have a School for Masters in which the business leaders are taught the principles which make for greatness. You do not have to cheat or steal to get ahead. You do not have to walk over people to get ahead. You do not have to take from the rich to help the poor.

Integrity comes from an inner belief in oneself. This comes from knowing there is greatness within every man which can be expressed and lived whenever that man or woman is given the impetus to live from their higher nature and express it in every moment of their lives.

This is not for someone else; it is for you and me. What are our principles, what are our values, what virtues do we hold dear and live by in expressing in this wonderful world in which we live?

Only we know our values, virtues, principles and personal integrity.

One day we will not be amazed that those who operate big businesses will be less than diligent with their honesty. One day we will recognize that it is the norm for integrity to be expressed by all. That day is now at hand. It is the day we proclaim all the world is in divine order. Proclaiming such we experience such. It is not for someone else to do. It is for us. There is peace on Earth and it began with me. Our proclamation revealing our role in the universe. When this day is here, then we know for sure all is in divine order and our world is indeed super.

I see myself making this proclamation now. Join me if you like and experience the wonder of it all right now.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle