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GIST - April 2004 Issue
I Love Myself To Live

Herb     The other day I read this statement: A human being is like a fine clock, which if properly cared for, will keep splendid time and run for a century, but which, if neglected or abused will very soon get out of order and wear out or give out long before it should.

To enjoy the fruits of living in a harmonious body requires that I tend my spirit, mind and body with gentleness and love. If I do not love myself to life, if I do not specifically love my body and I do not love my spirit, only then will I experience every possible limitation.

Some clocks have been around for hundreds of years-even thousands of years for sundials and the like--and they function as well today as they did when they were built. Sundials have no wearing parts so only the lack of care for the instrument itself causes it to fail to tell the correct time. The same is true for ancient clocks--their use seldom wears out the parts, it is the lack of oiling, dusting, tuning and setting which renders it useless.

With dirt, stones and a stick School of the Master Graduate Herbert Werner Marty built a sundial on the campus in 2000 and it stands today, needing a little care, but functioning perfectly.

Science tells me my body should last for ever. When I carefully tune my body with positive immortal thoughts, using it as it is designed to be used--through the mind--and lovingly caress my body so that it is nurtured harmoniously, my body responds to this sincerity and proves that it is immortal.

As anything improves with nurturing, so this vehicle, my body, improves by being loved, being cared for with the maintenance necessary to honor its parts and most of all to live in the consciousness of pure thoughts in my ideal self manifest.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle