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GIST - April 2004 Issue
Dreams and Reincarnation



Everyone has dreams. My dreams tell me the story of what is on my mind and in my heart. My dreams reflect how I respond to the world in which I live. If I give my dreams authority they will reveal themselves as manifest in my world—all by my choice.

Re-incarnation is "a" creation in my mind to satisfy my need for having “purpose” in this life. In reality there is no re-incarnation as such. I am incarnate-invested with human nature and form. Whereas re-incarnation is the rebirth of the soul in new human body or other life forms. The reason there is no re-incarnation is that all time is now. I live an infinite number of incarnations this moment. I am aware of each incarnation if I desire.


Dreams are referred to and described in great detail in books available from the world’s libraries and bookstores. Writers have written about dreams as though they were some magical experience over which I have little control only great anxiety. I create dreams because I have unlimited thoughts and an imagination to play with them. Much research has been done over dreams from the top universities and scientific laboratories of the world. All end up with the same conclusion:

Dreams are the theater in which our thoughts are portrayed as real-life experiences.

It is revealed I have the power to write the script of my dream thoughts in any way that pleases me--rewriting them and rearranging them to suit my fancy in every sleeping and waking moment.

Dreams are thoughts, images and emotions occurring during sleep. During this time I experience a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality. When I am confident and alert I have the ability to be an aware observer as a director in a motion picture and am able to redirect the activity of the dream to conduct itself in such a way that it is favorable to my choice.

For many years I have been involved in dream research at the University of California Los Angeles, Transcendental Meditation Center in Los Angeles, First International Congress of Parapsychology and Psychotronics in Prague, Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin, University of Chicago and at the Menninger Foundation Internal States of Consciousness conferences in Topeka Kansas. While its impact was primarily intellectual, of necessity, it touched upon the imagination and altered states of awareness to a high degree.

Always the response from research is:

I am always in control of my awake mental states and my dream states. I consciously take control of my mental attitude and my dream activities to accomplish any result which I find desirable.

 Books are rife with illustrations of how imagery is created and how dreams are used to manifest in real-life world. In my ubiquitous reading I have run across innumerable examples of a person using their dreams to program their daily life. The endemic response is that it is not physically real and is an imaginative illusion which does not reveal itself in the relative world. From experiential findings in the field with many other notable pragmatic researchers I found that the more intuitively and receptively astute I am as the participant the more significant is the response to fulfilling dreams. I the dreamer know when I take charge.

One night as I slept soundly I was suddenly aware that the dream I was enjoying turned sour. My son Mark was flying one of the ultralite airplanes he had designed and built. He was having a great time as he always does when he is in the air. Confident and assured, he is the prodigy, the gifted airman exquisite in his ability to fly. Somehow as I observed him objectively flying along, I saw he was going to crash. He was in the inclination of that procedure. I was stunned for just a moment, and then I quickly realized this was my dream and I could have the dream be conducted in any manner I choose.

Immediately I said, "My son does not crash." Then I spoke my word again saying, "Backup, dream, backup! I am in charge here. My son does not crash; he lands his plane comfortably with every landing he makes."

Then he landed his plane perfectly--as he always does--and I awoke from my dream with a smile on my face and in my heart.

In my dream I have the ability to change whatever is happening by assuming the role of observer consciously. This means I cannot allow myself to feel a victim or selfpity for what is happening. I am not in the dream even though I can see myself in the dream--I am the observer and can specifically choose whatever outcome I desire from the activity of my dream. I can even embellish the circumstances of my dream to make it more fun and more exciting, always being responsible for everything that is taking place.

A wakeful event I experienced while swimming at the beach at my home in Corona del Mar California during the rip tide season of the Pacific Ocean. I was playing on the beach and did not notice the red flag flying adjacent to the beach. I was there with my wife, son and friends. There were many others on the beach also that day. I decided to dive into the breakers and go out for a swim.

As I entered the breakers the undertow of the rip tide was so strong it grabbed my legs and sucked me under taking me out into the ocean against my will and ability to control what was happening.

Time had stood still. I felt my life was at risk and there was seemingly nothing I could do about it. I had no mask, not that it would have mattered as I rolled end over end along the bottom of the ocean. Further and further I was taken away from the shore. I felt a growing sense of panic. Then in a feeling of "so what" I gave myself up to the action of the ocean. If I were going to drown, so be it, if I were going to live, so be it. I released all sense of anxiety.

Then my entire life flashed before my eyes. I remembered that I saw incidents from my childhood, my youth, my young adult time and then on into my work and marriage life. All in brilliant color and synchronicity--happening, existing and arising at precisely the same time--that amazed me as an objective observer. There was no time. I could not breathe, but I did not know I could not breathe. I could not see, but I did not know I could not see. What was happening to me was deadly serious and yet I felt no anxiety or terror. I was timeless and peaceful.

After an endless period of time I was belched out of the sea onto the quiet surf a distance from shore. Being a good floater as well as a trained swimmer, I floated peacefully while my body resumed its breath of air and my lungs became peaceful within my chest. I continually said to myself, "I am peace. I am peace, I am peace. All is in order and all is good and very good."

I had had the daydream of being under the ocean--which was far from being a daydream--it had definitely happened. Every moment of the experience I was in charge and peaceful. This action was to prove who I was to me as a precursor of other opportunities to be at peace in trying circumstances.

My life is filled with opportunity for me to be a dream catcher and then directing its program beneficial to me. I teach myself to be awake and alert to my dreams. I am always the conscious observer. In charge, I am blessed by every dream and often use them as the springboard of untried adventures I would not have to take while awake--but they are just as real in my sleep. Smile, it is lots of fun!


I define re-incarnation as the awareness, in miniature, of a few of the infinite number of lifetimes I am living right now on other dimensions. I am the allness. Being the allness I am everywhere being everything. Sometimes I am aware of my allness. This is the déjà vu of thinking I knew what I experience the first time, but is not that I know re-incarnation. It is the one limitless incarnation I am now.

The main reason I delight in re-incarnation is that it makes me feel that my life is not going to end with the present incarnation. I do not have to feel that all of my existence is for the sole purpose of living in my human body on planet Earth and knowing nothing more of the infinite possibilities which I am sure exist.

Such a feeling comes from the idea that we are one in the all; we are all in the one.

To live a meaningless existence is intolerable to me so I create the concept of re-incarnation to satisfy my need for having a reason to be alive and here in this life. As such there is no re-incarnation. I am incarnate. This means I am invested with human nature and form. To re-incarnate means I experience the rebirth of my soul in new human body or some interesting unique other life forms.

The reason there is no re-incarnation is that all time is now. I live an infinite number of incarnations this moment. I am aware of each incarnation if I desire.

For me to chase after existence when I am one as all, when I am all, when I am the alpha and the omega of all, and yet not the beginning and the end of all, I am the all. Being the all I cannot be a part of it and I cannot be divested of my role in being all. This is a powerful concept.

A further concept is that all time is now, all space is here. If I accept these two philosophical and scientific conclusions I do not have any other time for incarnation to take place. All takes place in the here and now. As I can envision or dream or imagine the universe and all it contains as a now concept, and as a here concept, then the only conclusion I can know is that the history I read about, the future I dream about and the present now that I know, all are one and exist in the now moment. It seems ludicrous and unreasonable, indefinable and not provable, yet it is just that way.

Some philosophies and religions would have me believe that there is a heaven and hell separate from my present existence. These are conditions which give me a satisfaction because I know that I can do better in my awareness and conclusions during this incarnation and do not do better, purposefully.

Actually the teachings that would render humanity helpless to what he does in the present and to know a future suffering from which he is powerless to extricate himself is a teaching given by powerlords who would rule the circumstances of humanity, at least those humans in their community. And, of course, the concept grew out of proportion as the experience was inculcated into the lives of those who lived at that time and subsequently. Ho, Ho, all time is now! Time for me to divest myself of archaic concepts which no longer are valid.

The discussion of re-incarnation with its wealth of teachings of many cultures is endless; however I make the claim now that I am living in the now free of any experience which would limit me.

I am the allness now. I am the isness now. I am the creator and I am the created. I live in the only time there is: Now. I live in the only place there is: Here. I have fun in my many incarnations which I may know if I wish and ignore if I wish. I am free to always be me and to be unlimited in every possible manner. I am me and I love it.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle