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GIST - May 2004 Issue
Rex My New Guru


As you may know I purchased a beautiful light Golden Retriever. His name is Rex and he is the most playful being you can imagine. He makes my home a house of joy and action. He was born December 4, 2003. He loves to quietly sit on my lap and meditate with me. His wise vibrations illumine my thought.

For almost forever I thought a Golden Retriever would be a wonderful dog to own. Always I have discarded getting such a lovely dog because he would be just too big to take with me wherever I go and certainly he would possess any house in which he lived--and what dog does not possess the house in which they live!

I took the plunge in February 2004 and followed an advertisement in the PennySaver for Golden Retriever puppies ready to go to a new home.

I choose him from the litter of eight the breeder was ready to show. Ellen and I drove to meet our new pet's surrogate mother, Cheri, and then the puppies. They stole our hearts. The larger male stood right up to me and said, "I am ready to go home, dad!" The choice was made. He was nine weeks old and already as large as our mini Schnauzer Button and our mini Pin Love. He rode happily down the winding highway toward Campo sitting on Ellen's lap filled with wiggles and happiness. I named him Rex, the royal born.

At home, he has his own large-dog carrying case; he entertained the family at his Welcoming Party where he ate his own food. On his first night in his new home he sang to me much of the night and during the interlude we both slept. At three I took him out to empty. He did. Then after an hour nap he and I awoke to his breakfast and another session beyond the patio.

After a busy morning for me I took Rex with me to the SwimEx our indoor 8x15' swimming pool which has a paddlewheel that powers the water from 1-10 mph for an enjoyable swim. The water is over 90B0. I did my swim for the day watched by Rex. He laid on the edge of the ground level pool in our gymnasium. Our water is ozone treated without any chemicals so it is pure to drink. Our Schnauzer Button and Mini Pin Love both like to drink from the pool. They swim a little. Rex crowded the edge of the pool as I lay there floating after my swim. Then with a lusty leap he swam over to me. I showed him where the staircase was to get out of the pool. He swam there and climbed the staircase delighted and poofed.

Ellen rubbed him down to his pleasure and in moments he was fluffy dry. The room temperature is well over 80. A few moments later Rex decided he wanted another swim and leapt heartily into the pool and again I guided him to the stairs. He climbed out and looked for his masseur. Shortly he had his rub down again. Happy royal Rex. While I was still in the pool he began to circle the pool, lapping the water. He missed his turn at a corner and his right left leg fell into the pool. He extricated himself and his very wet leg. With a shake it dried. While I was taking my shower in the gymnasium shower there was Rex checking out the water and me. He stuck his head under the shower and thought that was grand. Then he walked totally under the shower smiling all the time (sigh). The nutty guy Rex even licked soap off my foot. Again he had his rub down. One moment a drowned rat and then next a fluffy Golden Retriever Rex. Love him!

I have a doggy door and give him a quarter acre fenced in yard Ellen, Sylvia and Ingeborg manicured just for him--he dearly loves every square foot. He has jumped in the pool with me each day several times. I dry him and he jumps in again. Then he wants to take a shower with me each time too. What a guy. He is pure love and gentleness.

My wise guru has no other joy in life than to be near me and let me be near him. I listen to his sage way of living and benefit greatly.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle