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GIST - May 2004 Issue
Other Techniques For Seeing My Inner Light


In the February 2004 GIST entitled Seeing My Inner Light I discussed the Three-Hour-Meditation, energy massage, OM, I Am Peace, Affirmations and Visualizations.

Some Other Remarkable Techniques

Breathing initiates selfbalance and harmony into my life through quieting any anxiety, improving my circulation and balancing my nervous system. Healing comes most naturally as I experience a balanced breathing. I know a peaceful spirit and a healthy mind taking one breath at a time and letting it consciously dwell in my body--each breath.

Music harmonizes all vibrations in my life. Through singing I harmonize my inner being with the unexpected magic of peace. Mantras, chants or affirmations are the musical sound of miracles for my body, my mind and my spirit as well as for the ambiance of my environment. As I quiet my mind and listen to the rhythms of peace, the sound of peace, every vibration of which I am composed moves in the pure synchronicity of wholeness and love.

During my UNI campus seminars we have a variety of drums that set up a pulse for my inner awareness and healing. Each sound vibrates and reverberates with a sense of enlightenment. Far from raucous, the drum guides me to focus and calm myself.

Surrender is a unique condition for my human body; usually it demands to be in control. Through surrender to the divine path as a mystic I rise from mundane existence to a blessed oneness as all. Only as I do this and in willingness completely surrender to divine instruction am I allowed to experience in this lifetime my ultimate beingness. Surrendering I live the inner peace awaiting me. My sacred inner space within always stands ready to receive my conscious choice of dwelling there in total commitment.

I accelerate my Spiritual Enfoldment through introspection as I listen to the divine in me and follow what it would have me do. I use treatment and affirmations to affirm the truth of my nature and in that spiritual enfoldment experience my divinity. I use meditation to practice being still, listening to the music of my soul and live in the awareness of my godself. Spiritual enfoldment give me insight of my subtle energy ever vibrating and undulating through my consciousness; in this wakefulness I participate in the creation of my life on this plane in a most rewarding manner. Happily I enjoy my altered state of awareness wherein I live my allness, oneness, uniqueness, untouchableness and lucid dreaming where I am in full command of the thoughts upon which I dwell during my dream time.

Dance is a transformation of my outer and inner self through forgetting self and opening me up to unlimited sensations of movement, celebration and othermindedness. Dance is the way I celebrate life and experience creative healing. How I move and flow with the music in my soul and the music coming to me from the outer shows my spiritual integrity.

I love to disappear in my awareness as god. First I am invisible to myself. I forget myself entirely and am even unaware I am present. It is a matchless experience of purity and oneness. There is no sense of time or space. There is only allness. As I observe objectively my world about me I realize that I have disappeared from the view of others I have created in my world. I see they do not even know I am present as I disappear in my awareness as god.

I submerge myself in divine peace. I accomplish this by enfolding my awareness of my body, mind and spirit in a cloak of nonentitism so I am free from any vibration either from within or from without. However much I love vibrations of purity and goodness, even these tend to inhibit my release from the outer and submerge myself fully in the inner light.

Introspection is listening to the voice of my divine self within. As I am open to the wisdom and illumination of my inner self, I hear clearly. I have only one choice for myself and that is to be silent before this inner reality which actually is always communicating with me but I enjoy it only as I train myself to be silent before its bright presentation of allness to me. Previously I thought meditation was the pathway to my inner self, but now I realize introspection--listening within--is the only pathway to the divine light in me. Introspection is practiced as a way of opening the direct presence of the divine in my daily life. To train myself to be alert to this verbal light of the most profound acoustics takes an attention I only now develop and enact.

Meditation is the act of talking to myself and saying what it is that I want to experience. Introspection is listening after I have talked and hearing the answer to my prayer meditation. Many times I think I have advance meditation techniques but actually only as I use the concept of meditation for talking to and introspection for listening from, does meditation serve it greatest purpose to guide me on myA0 path to inner freedom and enlightenment, inner strength and mental peace.

Beyond the closed sphere of the personality is wisdom from deep in my inner reaches of purity and goodness. At this point I leave the sphere closed and forget my egoself, my individual self, my personality and recognize the invisibility to all unlike myself and disappear to live in the brightness of my indwelling illumination.

Unconditional love is demanding and not for the faint at heart. For it is first for myself. In unconditional love I see everyone I create being their highest and best at all times. In this unconditional love I am capable only of seeing the purity of my creation, the goodness of my creation and the wholeness of my creation. My creation is myself. I am my creation. All is one. Since I create good I find it easy to dwell in the state of unconditional love at all times.

Empty is a void, the nothingness, the allness. Hence when the mind is empty it is exceedingly full. To feel empty is to feel devoid of all, yet this is contrary to reality. Ask any saint, any mystic any spiritual seeker and I will tell you that in my clear consciousness I feel enfolded in such a fullness, such a completeness, such a wonderment, I am in a state of wonderful bliss. Each one on this path experiences the same thing.

My inner teacher fills my mind with playfulness, never serious, and always is open to the joyful experiences at hand.

Communication defines my spiritual awareness and my spiritual path. As I turn my radiance inward the path is aglow with magic and genius. I imbibe a sense of brilliance and alertness which I have felt before but only now know in its fullness.

I know that all time is now. I know that as I merge with this moment in all areas of my life, each choice is complete and done. I always say yes to living in this moment.

Selfesteem is the power behind my spiritual light as a lifegiving force. I train myself to consciously express myself through selfawareness. Selfesteem is the light of my sacred purpose for being in life.

The energy composition of my body in the spiritual language of my body. Daily I practice energizing my body and my life in mindfulness.

Thoughts from Here, There and Everywhere

It is fun to just let go and take whatever comes into my thought. In this enhanced intuition the wisdom which comes forth reveals my highest spiritual illumination more glorious than I could have ever dreamed of in bringing it forth.

Imagination boosting illumination exercises, are ones where I jump into my personal think tank and pull out all of the stops. I just let my imagination go wild and visualize that which no one I know of has ever visualized it before. In the realm of St Germaine I imagine myself having a set of laboratories in the caves east on my campus here at the UNI where I with my colleagues dream the undreamed as far as I know. I personally like the idea of thinking about thought machines or thought things. A thought thing might be a device to see infinity, or the perpetual motion machine, or the technique of giving birth to an Absolute child, ideal in every aspect of their being and able to themselves bring forth kin of their own kind. As I think of these things I realize how simple and mundane they are since by my thought alone I bring forth even greater projects and concepts--all existing right now on a level of awareness--all awaiting my claim upon them in my world now.

For me intuition and the mystical life are for everyone. I see everyone enjoying it right now in every aspect of their life. This desire is truly a relative desire and hardly worthy of an Absolute thinker, but I chose to be a relative thinker in the relative aware that I am Absolute and aware that as Absolute I am all right now and need not wait for my expression through someone else.

I am so thrilled with who I am and my spiritual reality that I need no guidance or inspiration to enhance my creativity, excitement and joy into my spiritual path.

I am Absolute. Absolute is not revealed by the mind. The mind knows not oneness, unity, isness and allness, only unawareness knows this.

Life reveals itself through me as a happy contented free spirit, when I am unlimited in my awareness of self.

Meditation is thinking, but thinking creatively, it cleanses the spirit, mind and soul of itself. I am wise when I spend at least one hour of quality time daily in meditation as my holiday retreat.

Eternity is timeless,
no time.

I will always think. I cannot avoid that. How-ever, when my thought is on the indwelling presence I excel in all areas in my life.

When I have a philosophy, I live it, I let my life and what I am be the salesman for what I believe, what my convictions are.

My body will do anything to claim my attention. My body wants to fragment my thinking and have me think of various aspects of my body. As I learn to think and listen with my whole body, I make my transformation through my body; I am not running away from it. It is through my body that I am aware of as my ideal self, my archetypal self, my formless, deathless self which abides gently within my being. As I awaken my awareness, my consciousness, from its sleep my sensations reveal the reality or truth of who I am beyond any thought I could ever have.

As I live in my master consciousness I see surrounding me other master consciousnesses. A master sees another master.

Gandhi and King taught nonviolence while practicing forgetfulness there is no resistance and hence no violence.

I devote my life to pure thoughts, pure words and pure deeds. I have reverence for all life, starting with my own. I think and speak lovingly and positively about my life and my world. I am a living example of unconditional love.

I am a master living in this world. I am spiritually whole. I practice selfdiscipline, selfdedication, selfdetermination, self diligence and am onepointed, untouched, nonpossessed and nonjudgmental.

In Absolute: Is no consciousness, Is no relativeness, Dwells the IS, Original purity and integrity exist and Archetypal concepts abound!


-Dr Herbert L Beierle