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GIST - June 2004 Issue
Why I Want To Be A Minister

Herb   We have just held an ordination in which Barbara J Rich of Las Vegas Nevada and Esther Christiane Trefzer of Switzerland were installed as ministers of the Church of God Unlimited on campus here in Campo California.
   The two candidates spent a weekend on campus listening to lectures and interacting with the monks of the Absolute Monastery.
   Rev Barbara Rich has traveled worldwide to every possible spiritual center looking for a philosophy which works every time.    The law of cause and effect has been high on her agenda and has so proven effective. Her warm heart and open mind made her a receptive monk in the Absolute Monastery and the Church of God Unlimited.
   She operates a school for youngsters who were unable to finish their work for a high school diploma. School Director Rich has 300 students who are not all that eager to do the work
required, but who are willing to do as their parents have suggested and finish for their recognition. When they do graduate their gratitude is boundless.
   As Rev Rich works with the youngsters she finds that she is uplifted and illumined because she daily sees the children wakeup to their inner wisdom and to their inner learning ability. "To see the look on the faces of the students who finish their work is so rewarding. I would like to have schools all over the country meeting this need of so many would-be high school graduates," she said.
   As Mrs Rich participated in campus life she was required to do many things she did not normally do at home but she fell into the procedure with enthusiasm and humility.
   Rev Esther works with massage and affirmations in her profession in Switzerland. She has dozens of men and women who come to her for the work of her healing hands. She has traveled the world in quest of a spiritual program which she could claim as her own. She said she has found it in the teachings of the University of Healing.
   One of the greatest lessons Monk Esther learned at the Monastery is to be unjudgmental and untouched. These two virtues are ones everyone coming to the campus grounds studies and applies diligently in their lives because it is something that they all have ignored most of their lives.

   On campus she watched the interplay of the monks as they lived their daily lives. Constantly she had the privilege of seeing through the illusions and recognizing the purity of purpose and result. It is something that many people miss because they think about the illusions only as "problems" and not as a "solution." With a smile on her face she rose over all of the hurtles and obstacles which faced her to stand forth majestically master of herself and her world.
   Every Church of God Unlimited and University of Healing ordination does not have such a dramatic turnaround, but every ordination assures each that everyone is a minister, ministering to themselves and their creation.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle