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GIST - June 2004 Issue
We are born to: Be Ourselves and have fun

   I believe we are born to be ourselves and have fun. Nothing more and nothing less.
   Several years ago one of my UNI students experienced the loss of a loved one. All of her studies seem unimportant and empty.
   "I still think a lot about what happens after we leave our body and I wish my awareness would be different. Now I kind of think that my loved one is no-more and when I die there will be no-me-anymore because the whole life experience is just some sort of a temporary game without any purpose at all.
   "I wonder what has become of the time when I believed that life had a purpose and that I as an individual live on after leaving my body and maybe meet up with all my beloveds again one day. Just like Santa Clause, his existence disappeared one day out of my life, the belief in life after death disappeared. I hope that one day the belief of a purposeless life will be replaced by something nicer. I have missed so many trains. I have created no family with children and missed out on the whole experience of that. I just kind of dawdled through life, most people like me, some even love me, but when I look back, there is nothing much meaningful there. I have done so much and still I have done nothing much at all!
   "I am sorry if this all sounds a bit negative, but this is on my heart.
   "I am now building my own business and I learn a lot of lessons. Maybe it will lead me to a different understanding. Sometimes I wish I could turn off this brain of mine and just enjoy life without thinking about it. This is how my pets live, but this is not how I am born."

Life Is What I Make It

   Remember, life is what I make it! I can create a life after leaving this body in which I remember the past and live in the present with all those who I loved in the past. Doing this is perfectly acceptable and right. I am among billions --countless--of people who want to have their loved ones with them on various dimensions. They have had experiences which they feel are really exciting and memorable and want them to never end. This is done all of the time by men, women, children, animals and any other life form.
   This is not a joke and it is not something which I choose to do.
   I am so excited about living on different dimensions and in different bodies and in different experiences that I can release the lovely times I have had here and cross the horizon into experiences unimaginable.
   I AM the one who determines what I will do as I take each ship to another horizon. I am the one who chooses to find my loved ones wherever I go and I go on with the glorious relationships I remember so well. There is nothing wrong with this. It is truly done all of the time.
   However, it does keep me from entering fully into the experiences of the NOW which are the experiences I have in this dimension.
   Just because you do not pass a baby through your body into life does not mean you are childless. The child you adopt and claim as your precious angel of love is equally as important as any child your body gives birth to, for your mind and heart give birth to children of love beyond belief.
   Yes, I am entering into many exciting fields in this life and more are to come to my awareness which I am now experiencing on other dimensions--all time is now, all dimensions are experienced now, even as I create myself seemingly living in the past in the present, all is in the now and there never was a past, no present nor any future--only the NOW! Smile.
   As I let go of the past in the present, the present becomes as exciting and fulfilling as it is supposed to be. Each adventure of the past is a building block of the present but not a limitation in the present unless I want to reveal and remember my learning experiences of learning to play a musical instrument and remembering how often I struck the wrong note. Smile, sort of a useless folly. I take each joyful experience and draw from it all that it has to give. I go on to the next one in the here and now. When I move to another dimension, I take with me what I am if I desire and I can find my parents, loved ones and others meaningful in my life awaiting me there. All are games I play and all are perfectly okay to do and enjoy.
   I see you having a super experience in the here and now. I see you experiencing whatever dream you have for yourself on each new dimension--remember, this is not the only dimension nor is the next the only new dimension you will delight in--you already are in it, actually living on zillions of dimensions at the same time aware of only what you choose to be aware, but you are becoming aware each already exists. You are revealing each unique isness in your nowness. Be open. Be a free spirit. Most of all have fun.

My Fantasy Is Another Dimension

   The more imagination I have, the more fantasy I experience the more I enter into the awareness and revelation of the magic of my expression on an infinite number of dimensions.
   I delight in reading the imaginative writings of the classic authors of all time and some of our current day writers who unleash all of their creative thinking to bring forth a story of life in a time never before expressed. Life in a time of tomorrow. Life in a time of right now hidden from our eyes because we are so busy thinking the motion of illusion of our everyday life is the reality.
   All the magic of every dimension of life exists now and is waiting for me to open my eyes to its wild creativity, to its unrealistic expression and to its unbelievable reality. I look at much that has been written by writers of the past and see their alluding to present day things and conditions which most certainly in the day they were written were the work of spooks, witches and devils. However, each of these authors, artists and creative beings were merely looking in their private looking glass and seeing what no one else had the courage to look at and see what everyone experienced themselves from time to time but were afraid the world would call them strange if they expressed openly their dream state.
   If I want to live in the experience I presently physically, mentally and spiritually know, believing that this is what I really want to know more about, I may do this with absolute freedom. I may enter into the inner realm of allness and experience that which is waiting to be revealed in the now.
   However, in revealing what I have glimpsed on this dimension, I am limiting me. The magic of my reality awaits my acceptance of it and stands forth with a majesty I could only imagine.
   It is okay to remain tied to this dimension. Some remain tied here for hundreds, thousands, millions and billions of years--un-thinkable.
   Truly. As I read history, already written by another, I am experiencing ancient of times.
   As I dwell with the science fiction writer I am being made to "believe" what has not yet been proven. As I let my heart and mind and soul soar into realms of poetry, science, rhetoric, prose, dumb talk and wise talk, I am on the threshold of another dimension. How many dimensions are there
--limitless in number--and so it is.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle