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GIST - August 2004 Issue
I Like Me!


There is an art to saying: I like Me! We so often think we can just mumble the words I like me and that when we do miracles will happen because the words carry in them the mystical frontier-of-awareness.

This just is not so. Saying the words I like me can be stupefying and gratifying, but it can also be meaningless.

We have been recommended to love, to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. This is a noble direction for us to take our thinking; however, such thinking is far from normal for us as humans.

Each one of us is a divine being and we love ourselves. As a divine being we love everyone in our world--we created each one in our world and therefore they are good and very good. How else could we create anything in our universe than as a replica of our whole and perfect selves?

To love everything and everyone is not too difficult. With our divine reality we look right through them to their divine reality and we see the magic of their being even as we see the magic of our own being.

Consider another point here: Can I say I like everyone in the world?

This is a most interesting situation. To like everyone in the world is to like every person good or bad with human judgment. To like everyone in the world is to like those who violate the rules of society. There is no reason to enumerate how they violate these rules. To like everyone is to also like those who are rich, healthy, unlimited and able. We look at others who experience such and feel how good it is we too experience such limitlessness in our own life.

Just when we live aware of a sense of self superiority, boom, a calamity strikes us and we are lost.

Often we like others so that we will be liked. We like others because everyone is ourselves. We like everyone because we are everyone. We like everyone because we cannot and do not judge, we do not know how, happily.

Living in a world in which we say I like me we find that the vibrations and rhythms of our world are smooth and comforting. A world in harmony with itself is an exciting world to live in.

The only way we can say I like me is when we have a happy life. The only way we can have a happy life is when we say I like me. Having a happy life we find that everything fits hand-in-glove, beautifully, to bring about everything we think about. It is sort of like accomplishing every desire of our heart--however, this will never happen. In our master consciousness we think thoughts. Before we even have an opportunity to desire anything we have already brought it forth, revealed it, in our existence by thinking about it--desire does not even have the prospect to be born.

As we watch a video or a movie the tendency is for us to place ourselves in the role of the lead character. It does not matter that the lead is male or female we see ourselves in the responsibility of the star. Whatever gender the celebrity may be is unimportant, we are now that one who makes the decisions which are the controlling factor to achieve the essence of the story. We do not find this strange for in fact we are sexless, genderless, maleless and femaleless if such words exist. We are concepts; we are icons that speak to the issues at hand. It does not seem the slightest bit strange to us.

Actually everyone on the face of the Earth--which means everyone in existence--plays the role of being number one for every area of their life. This is the natural outcome of saying I like me under all conditions. Realizing that saying I like me we are saying we are one as all the universe, we are one in and through all, we are the Is out of which all comes forth into expression.

Little children find it easy to express their genius. When we respond to them saying, You are a genius, you are really great! The come back to say, I know!  The simplicity of their nature accepting and recognizing their intuitive awareness and oneness as all is beyond the adult comprehension. Adults actually know they know what they desire to know but tell themselves they do not know what they want to know. A child is not limited by these histrionics. A child is more likely to smile and say, I like me and go on with their untouched game of living.

We have been educated out of saying I like me by our parents, our peers and our society. It is no less true, it is just that we have been trained out of thinking that it is eternally true.

Now is the prime moment for us to do an about face and look into our own eyes, look into our own hearts, look into our own soul and find our reality there, find the one who says with confidence, I like me. This moment is the right moment to accept this truth about ourselves.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle