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GIST - September 2004 Issue
Secrets, As Diamonds


MY THOUGHTS APPEAR to be secret—personal, private—yet they are not. My thoughts are the canvas of the activities of my life. They are painted all over my face and my body. Thoughts are things which illustrate how I live and interact with myself and my creation. My thoughts are the chronicle of my world, the diamonds as my genuine expression.

   The other day I was watching a group of children sitting in a circle whispering secrets, they spoke words into the ear of their friend sitting next to them. I just arrived when they burst out with an entertaining giggle. Hilarious laughter echoed throughout the garden. The kids had fun playing secret games. I smiled as I remembered the games I played as a child, especially at birthday parties. The crux of the game was distorting the so if it would not be properly communicated to the rest of the players whispered from ear to ear around the circle by all participants. For instance the first player whispers to his neighbor player: Sue has a perfect wrist, which he gives further to the next player until the sentence has gone around. Shared with every player in the circle, the last game participant says out loud what he understood. The initial sentence arrived fuzzy such as: Sue is a perfect witch. Though the departing message was a positive statement, it ended to be heard differently. The children laughed and did not think badly about their game; they did not speak or listen carefully to the phrase.

   The same happens in my everyday game of life. To speak well and clearly shows self--confidence. To listen means to give my total attention to whatever I am doing, to be open and receptive and KNOW! To listen to the outer trains me to listen to my inner—to the divine which candidly talks to me all the time.

   Where do secrets fit in and what are secrets? Many things I do in my life I keep private; they are part of my daily activities, my personal routines which have nothing to do being secretive. Secrets are thoughts when manifested unbeneficially, express as surreptitious experiences. They then conceal my divine nature and block my genuine thinking.

   Whenever somebody wants to share a secret with me, making me as their special personal friend, I feel locked-up in a box. It is not my nature to have or keep secrets; I like to share openly only joy, health and wealth with and in my world.

   As a divine being I am an open book which can be read by everybody who enjoys my book. I live in a precious thought world which is based on my pure perfect attitude about myself and others. I feel the entire world is me, reflecting diamonds and jewels as a generous thought concept. There are no such things as secrets—things nobody should know about me or anyone else, there is honesty, frankness, integrity in me and all around me.

   Once somebody asked me if I know about the mystical secrets of the world. I felt embarrassed to answer as I did not know that there were any. Then later on when I studied metaphysics I knew that there was wisdom called secrets. It was more like inner wisdom to be revealed to me within me, the secrets which were like undiscovered diamonds, secrets which I found as the truth of life.

   One of my secrets I kept treasured in my heart for years was that I live forever! This sensible statement of truth I heard as a whispering idea which first I could not understand based on my previous religious education. I never dared to share this precious jewel with anybody as it seemed too holy, too magical, too good to be true. As I found the University of Healing and studied this philosophy, I left my former traditional belief of being a sinner, of praying to an anthropomorphic god and being mortal. Now the treasure box opened all secrets of life unfolding my reality.

   Diamond secrets are thoughts beyond the physical which are not humanly understood or accepted. They are my reality! My secret is now revealed—it is no secret, it is my divine self.

-Dr Ellen Jermini