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GIST - September 2004 Issue
Young, Living In The NOW!


HAVING TEN YOUNG people on campus of chronological ages 10, 13, 14 up through 78 for a seminar entitled The Fun of Being Young was truly exciting. Every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner I gave a half-hour lecture translated into German by my amazingly youthful Monk translators Monica, Sylvia and Ellen.

   As dean of the University of Healing, I spoke enthusiastically to the young people to excite them into thinking just how wonderful they are in all areas of their lives.

   The 15 lectures in English-German are now available at no cost on the internet through our Home Page: www.university-of-healing.edu in the archives under Seminars titles:

  • I have time to find out who I am;

  • I start out knowing I am a genius;

  • Why I have parents;

  • Why I have teachers;

  • Why I have peers;

  • I learn nothing, I reveal everything;

  • I am ageless;

  • Like my world; I like me;

  • I live in my ideal spirit mind and body;

  • I am independently wealthy;

  • I respect my body; and,

  • I create every experience of my life.

   The young people listened attentively and were excited about the hours of intermission time to do the UNI work including—playtime, swim time, golf cart time, and raking-weeding-setting stones along the ten miles of meditation paths.

   Swiss UNI Graduate Rev Dr Monica Egli with the help of our major Kubota tractor, tractor-wise 14-year-old Giordano Ferrari smoothed the miles of paths Monica had created in 2000 during the three month School of the Master. After his first lesson in tractor driving Giordano proved mastership of going over hill and dale and down through creek beds making the trail all as smooth as silk. Monica and her daughters Andrea, 14 and Martina, 11 were super-thrilled since they now did not have to rake so much.

   Las Vegas Post Graduate student Rev Rhonda Joyce and UNI student Alice Nasife thoroughly enjoyed their time in the sun and were enchanted with the lectures they said fitted their lives perfectly—ageless women. All were assisted by Monks Ellen Jermini, Ingeborg Puchert and Sylvia M Enz.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle