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GIST - October 2004 Issue
Spiritual Healing - A Joke!


Why does spiritual healing seemingly does not work? From the most competent practitioner to the most naïve healing novice the question is repeatedly asked: If spiritual healing is a principle and functions for everyone and under all circumstances, why then does it not work for so many enthusiastic, genuine, committed, accomplished religious people--even the "healers" who pronounce they are "healers" and yet they do not consistently heal any and all under all circumstances? These are common questions. They questions are not intended to impugn or question the veracity of those who proclaim their game is healing.

All great spiritual leaders and mentors have trained their students and followers to be consistent in their use of principle. Healing is not something done by all because the "healer" allows the attitudes and consciousness of the one seeking healing to play a major role in the healing experience. Actually the person seeking healing is the last one consulted relative to "his healing" and the practitioner or "healer" is the first and last person involved relative to the healing experience.

Jesus the Christ and every other teacher/sharer made every person seeking healing his own practitioner asking them do you believe you can be healed, then saying to each one, it is done unto you according to your belief. As each one thought about themselves as whole or imperfect, fulfilled or empty, with their attitude claiming their conclusion of wholeness for themselves.

When "we" seeking healing see ourselves healed of the condition, the condition ceases to exist in our consciousness. This de-mands diligence and dedication, determination and discipline. Fortunately we naturally believe we are designed with a healthy and whole body, life and affairs. So we universally express wholeness. How-ever, when we separate ourselves from our spiritual awareness, our original purity and integrity, we experience that upon which we concentrate.

A practitioner as a "healer" sees HIMSELF living in his original purity and integrity and ipso facto (selbstverständlich-of course, naturally) sees all in his world--his creation--living in their original purity and integrity. Hence, there is nothing to heal for all is expressing its divine right action. Physician Heal Yourself! Practitioner Heal Yourself! Then healing is fulfilled and works every time.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle