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GIST - November 2004 Issue
Teleportation--Don't Scuff


I encourage all of the students of the University of Healing and the Church of God Unlimited to think their wildest thought and watch them manifest. It is only in thinking our wildest thoughts that we can begin to touch the imagination of the infinite in us seeking to express and be us in us through us.

Experimental physicist Rainer Blatt of the University of Innsbruck in Austria said in the October 2004 Discover magazine, "What we’re doing is transferring all that we can know of one atom to another atom at a different site, so that the final atom becomes indistinguishable from the first." The experiment was duplicated by David Wineland of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado independent of Blatt’s work.

Separated by vast distances the three atoms used in each experiment were able to link teleported information. This is made possible by one of the strange truths of quantum physics.

Physicists’ teleported data before using photons--particles of light--but the light all too soon absorbed the information. However, it did function.

Shades of Star Trek and Beam Me Up Scotty make it seem fanciful; however, it is right in line with the concept that all matter is atomic in structure and outpictures the thought which is within its thinker to provide an outer expression. So when the "data" or "essence" of a being or an atomic cluster is transferred, teleported, moved from one location in the spacelessness and timelessness of all--regardless its physical distance--from one series of atoms to another, this remarkable condition is called teleportation.

Now it is just a matter of recognizing that thoughts are things and when we think our thought we experience that upon which we think.

Magic, hardly, pure physics, and we have just begun to understand it all.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle