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GIST - November 2004 Issue
The Excitement of Giving Seminars


Forever I have enjoyed being a speaker, sharing my love for life and for everyone in my world with my neighbors or whoever would listen to me. It is always a fun time to share this way and over the years I never tire of giving seminars around the world.

This year already I have been privileged to give 328 hours of seminars of throughout the United States. The thrill and excitement of preparing for each seminar is never diminished nor is it intimidating in the concept that I will be presenting to many people a wide variety of topics, each with its base in following the spiritual path within.

Twice in Washington DC, Farmington NM, London England, St Louis Missouri, Wilmington Delaware, the Bahamas and Campus Seminars in Campo California. At the moment of this writing I have prepared 153 hours of seminars for Switzerland, London, Ghana and Nigeria which will be given the end of September and all of October, November and December.

I have my Olympus DM-1 digital recorders the size of a cell phone which I hang on my neck and it listens to me under my chin to record perfectly all of the lectures I give. My hands are free to speak along with my body and my mouth. I love body language and vocal dramatic inflections in my presentations. I present an ingenuous series of talks coming from the simplicity and naivety of my confidence in myself for my approach--there is only one way to go, within!

Monday, September 20 Dr Ellen Jermini and I take off for our fall UNI sponsored junket of seminars around the world and both of us are looking forward to it with all of our hearts.

I do not have Ellen plan anything, she is so enthusiastic and inspired all of the time, at the drop of a hat  I can ask her to speak on any area and she stands forth the genius she is and leaves our audiences spell-bound.

The wonderful thing about the seminars I give on behalf of the UNI is that I wrote the book and it is my philosophy so I can easily equate to it and share it with imagination and enthusiasm.

If any of the seminars interest you, you will find them published in the GIST and you can look them up on our internet HomePage www.goduni.org or www.-university-of-healing.edu and go to our archives. Under the archives are groups of listings. Page through to find which ones please you. Under Semi-nars you will find the lectures given at the various seminars which have been recorded there. Roll through the titles and see which ones sound interesting. Click the speed you want to hear it at and it will instantly play (with a slight connection delay to our server) just what you really want to hear.

Feel free to copy any that appeal to you. Feel free to listen to whatever you like. Also on our HomePage is the Syllabus. In it are all the details of the University of Healing. You will notice that we are listed with the State of California Department of Education Secondary Level Studies. We have been a viable valid University since 1975 when we were incorporated in the State of California and are Federal, State, County and City tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service. Our student population are all over the world. Our Worldwide Healing Ministry receives calls day and night from people who seek our practitioners to speak their word for them for healing. It is exciting to see the changes in the individual calling and the healing following.

WHen I love my work I never tire of giving and sharing. Should my work become confused, academic or technical it should find me tired easily of its expression. So long as I listen within and follow what I perceive the divine in me to be saying, my life is a joyous adventure and a neverending expression of my inner peace.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle