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GIST - January 2005 Issue
Practicing Principle


As I talk with people around the globe a continual question arises: How do I make the principle work for me?

One man wanted an unequivocal relationship with a girl. He said she was the only girl in the world, as far as he was concerned, and there was no discussion as to whether she was the right girl for him.

He said every time he is with her bells ring and delight floods him in a way he never dreamed possible. When he is not with her, his every thought is with her. Indeed, he affirmed, there is no discussion.

I explained principle delivers. The principle is the law of cause and effect. The principle-law responds to our request without qualification. It reveals in our lives whatever is exciting to us. It gives us that upon which we concentrate and that which we affirm with sincerity and consistency. It is just because of these conditions that many of the things we think we want we do not experience in our lives--the biggest of these is consistency--we tend to be inconsistent in our dreams, our desires and our emotional whims.

It is so easy to insist on our emotional whims to the degree that we fail to recognize that there are more factors involved here than just to have or not to have, to be or not to be.

If we could realize that the universal wisdom within us knows the allness. The allness includes such things as what we really want to have and what fulfills our most sincere consistent dream for ourselves. If--truly--a person is our most soulful desire, we would have no hormone response to anyone else--however, the hormones speak out and we forget our one and only as we placate our self and our emotional whim.

To achieve our true desired fulfillment in life we have a very simple and definite statement that covers all of the conditions and covers all of the possibilities for us to enjoy. This statement seem innocuous and sometimes even ineffectual, however it is the most positive statement we could ever use:

All is in divine order now!

As we make this statement we are putting into motion one of the most powerful causes in the universe. When we can say with all of our heart: All is in divine order now! it is done! What is most harmonious and beneficial for us to experience is revealed as already existing.

If our sincere consistent dream for ourself is what our inner self wants for us, its fulfillment is revealed completely and without flaw. We need do nothing to make it happen, every condition to its expression in our world is done!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle