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GIST - January 2005 Issue
The Stand Up


Sometimes my ego gets punctured if I am not careful. It is easy to stand assured when I know the facts. However, not knowing the facts can be catastrophic. When I believe in myself my ego never gets punctured or inflated, smile.

On my recent trip to Nigeria I was invited to speak before the Imo University School of geography and economics. We entered the meeting hall just before class break. It was a delight to see the eager students as they moved from one class to another.

Soon it was time for the students to file into the hall where I was to present the topic of Living In A Positive World I Create. A teacher directed the students into our hall. More and more crowded into the hall filling all of the benches and standing room. Soon over 100 students piled into the room as the instructor introduced me and my topic. There was a surprised look on the pupilís faces but they remained to see what was going to happen.

Just as soon as I began speaking the students murmured among themselves and soon I could no longer be heard. The instructor calmed the group and told them this was a philosophical-psychological talk about how they could improve their ability to study and how they could view their country in a more positive manner. I began again and the murmur grew to a loudness again. The instructor suggested that this was not required listening program and anyone who wanted to leave might do so at this moment.

As though a vacuum had sucked out the room, students aimed for the doorway and evacuated the room. Needless to say I was surprised. I had never lost an audience even before I began to speak. A little over 50 students remained.

With enthusiasm and great joy I proposed to the students who remained that they can ace the courses they are taking and thoroughly enjoy their school if they will have a positive attitude toward themselves and what they are learning. I explained the philosophy of thought and how thoughts are things. At first they were skeptical, but as I gave numerous illustrations they took a new look at the concept.

From a glum look on their faces, a bright smile leapt forth and all sat up leaning forth in eagerness. Soon the entire room was a vital audience of dynamic vital beings considering a new look at their educational process.

From time to time I would call forth my colleague, Dr Ellen Jermini, to address the students. She spoke with charm and wit, knowledge and wisdom, capturing the delighted interest of the Nigerian students. Each time she retired from the platform a round of applause thundered through the hall. I was wise enough to call her up to the platform as often as possible to tell about the program of the University of Healing and how its study opened the minds and heart of the of its students to an indwelling wisdom and knowingness which allowed them to reveal the knowingness which is native within them.

As Dr Jermini and I concluded our sharing with the students, in one mad rush they mounted the front of the classroom eagerly grabbing for the few copies of the GIST and the SYLLABUS which we had to share with them. By the dozens they gave us their email addresses, their snailmail addresses and their telephone numbers. They wanted to sign up for the courses of the UNI in Campo California.

The lecture lasted a full hour. The students clambered for more and more information and details on the school. Dr Jermini took the opportunity of their continued presence to share with them the songs of I Like Me and I Love Nigeria. A hush fell over the crowd as she sang the song to them and explained how important it was for them to make known to their innerself this truth about themselves and their country.

The students flooded out into the parking lot where each had his own quality automobile. Each of the students who stayed to question us about the UNI were stylishly dressed and the girls each had dramatic hair coloring. They represented the quality of Nigerians soon to head the government of their nation and lead their nation into its rightful place as a power in the world and an economic partner spanning the globe with their expertise and scientific magic blooming in the minds of these young people who are living with the vision of the greatness their nation is and more which it will become.

After the redeemed session, I asked our host, the professor of the class, what the attitude was all about with the students. He smiled and said the students could have a break or attend this positive thinking lecture--and less than half opted for the break.

Appearances can sometimes be challenging and confusing when I look no further than the illusion each represent. However, when I play the game, run the course to its conclusion, I am surprisingly delighted.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle