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GIST - February 2005 Issue
Definitions In A New Age


We live in a new age of dynamic expression and an impetus to grow exponentially beyond anything of any previous age. Historically the movement from the various "ages" were millions of years apart. Today, in our New Thought Age, we are soaring at a rate of speed never dreamed of before.

So it is in this new age we work on making our definitions of who and what we are more succinct and inclusive, all at the same time. The days of long winded definitions is a thing of the past. However, with the new definitions we must be careful to be positive and necessarily inclusive of what we intent to embrace.

In understanding the creative cause of the universe we use the terms: God, allness, absolute, principle and more. How we define the term is unique. For instance one phrase which describes it quite well is:

There is no spot where God is  not!

I like to think of the four terms: New Age, Metaphy-sics, New Thought and New Thought Movement in very clear concise words which make understanding what the terms stand for very obvious.

New Age--a social movement drawing upon the ancient philosophical concept of man creatively listening to his inner divine self and incorporating such themes as holism, concern for nature, spirituality and metaphysics in everyday use.

Metaphysics--a division of philosophy dealing with manís awareness of his oneness as God.

New Thought--thinking that takes manís mind from appearances to its essence and ultimate reality. This unites thinkers in every possibility of thought. All thinkers may not agree but all thinkers agree each thinker has the right to think his own thought.

New Thought Movement--provides a platform on which diverse philosophical thin-kers may find encouragement as they reveal their inner wisdom and illumination.

We are all free to define words however we choose. That is where definitions come from, how the word is used and how people think about the word. The dictionary is a series of definitions of how words are used to define their purpose. These appeal to me.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle