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GIST - February 2005 Issue
The Million Dollar Hug


Unconditional love mends emotional fences and opens doorways to communication in ways I could never have dreamed possible until I sincerely give unconditional love.

School was out. Mother was standing at the front door waiting for her son to come home. The boy was recalcitrant and not at all cooperative with his teachers, with his parents or with life. His mother reached the limit of her toleration of his misbehavior.

With anger in her heart and ready to administer corporal punishment to her "evil" acting son she stood ready to grab him the minute he set foot in the house.

The phone rang. Mother picked up the receiver and heard a voice ask if she was Marjorie Barnes. She replied haughtily, "Yes!" The voice stated: "You have just won $30 million!" Stunned, she said, "Thank you" and unbelievingly hung up the receiver.

Still standing transfixed at the door a transformation flooded over the mother. All anger and anxiety faded from her mind and heart. A big smile crossed her face and she was born anew that moment. She had no past. She lived in the present moment so completely that when her son came storming into the house tracking mud across the carpet and dropping his wet jacket on the floor, she was blind to all of that.

Opening her arms wide she swept up the boy with a loving embrace and cooed to him, "I love you, I love you, I love you. You are so wonderful. Come, let's go to the mall and go shopping for that sport outfit you want. Come, come, come, and let's go now."

The boy looked suspiciously at his mother and said, "Ok, great, why not!" Surprised beyond words, the boy picked up his wet jacket and ran out to the car to drive with his mom to "shop" and he needed no reason why.

Mother did not tell the boy about the lottery winning. Even that was not important. The only important thing was that she was now vibrating in unconditional love. Unconditional love "claimed" her and she could do nothing else but be loving without any reason, without anything causing it as far as she "knew" it was just who she was now.

This condition exacerbated and advanced and intensified until she was living in a sense of unbelievable giving sharing unconditional love. It was a new feeling for the mother. She experienced happy feelings and contentment in the past, but nothing to compare with this indescribable sense, which was beyond wonderful.

All judgment was gone. All comparison was gone. All remembrance of things past was gone. She was living so intensely in the present that life now looked like a rosy world, rose-colored glasses could not render such an illusion and such genuine simplicity as she was "living" now.

The illusion did not fade. Mrs Barnes continued in her unconditional love and treated her son with a love that only saw his genius and his cooperative nature. She was incapable of seeing the "old" son since she loved unconditionally the boy she now often held lovingly in her arms.

As the youngster attended school this new feeling of unconditional love was an immaculate feeling. He loved everyone in his class. He now loved his teachers. He loved revealing all the genius that lay within him and until now had not been recognized. His grades skyrocketed and never settled down again.

Mrs Barnes found she had a husband she had never known before. Mr Barnes showed tender loving kindness to the entire family, he was eager to be at home and share quality time with his family at mealtime, in the evening turning off the television and sitting sharing thoughts together. Showing his family how he was now using his amazing imagination to come up with concepts and theories that were fleeting before, but now came to roost and be revealed in their allness. Every member of the family arose in the unconditional love mother felt and were living examples of a new being.

Oh, yes, the $30 million-it was secondary but definitely there as wealth with unconditional love, as harmony-peace-joy-wholeness are when unconditional love is the only criteria for living.

Unconditional love can be exercised, it can be developed, and it can be enjoyed by everyone and in everyplace. It takes my choice whether I want to experience such a magical miracle.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle