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GIST - March 2005 Issue
Falling In Love

Ellen    I am the most exciting person in the world. I have fallen completely in love with myself and there is nothing I can do about it. I certainly have chosen the most electrifying entertaining illuminating invigorating fun-filled being in the universe to fall in love with. Falling in love is a unique thrilling event; it leaves every other experience in the background as inconsequential. It is a natural focused know-how event.

I was doing my morning introspection as I revealed these exhilarating thoughts as a divine awareness. Whoopee, I jumped into my day shouting out: YES, I am in love with myself, I like me! I truly have fun being me.

Being in love is living in the consciousness with who I am in love. Often this is thought as someone other than me, someone I depend on to make me happy. How foolish-- what a waste of time to forget that I AM NUMBER ONE and that all the world around me is reflecting the love I live from within.

The other day a young lady called for healing prayer. Her voice was gentle yet reluctant to claim and accept the truth about her love-life. "I would like to have a partner who cares for me, who respects me, who loves me," she pleaded. "I feel so lonely since my mother died and nobody is here to stroke me and give me good advice."

While we were talking, Monique realized how she had become contingent on the positive, uplifting words her mother had shared with her over the years. Now that her mother left, she felt abandoned, helpless, empty, longing for someone to caress her and be with her. Monique’s dejected state was an obvious reaction of NOT being in charge of her life, not loving herself. We instantly went to the "medicine cabinet" putting balm on her soul. Together we spoke powerful healing words; we put a cause in motion building a happy attitude of self-love.

I am number one. I am the most important person in my life. I thoroughly enjoy my own company. I like me. I love me just the way I am. I am a spiritually illumined being living in my divine consciousness of I AM THAT I AM.

Monique got excited and even signed up for the University of Healing correspondence course to study to know herself and live in the energy flow of being her super self, liking herself.

To spend time alone gives me time to introspect and get in contact with my REAL ME. There came a moment in my life when I asked myself: What is more important and more enjoyable, to be in "need" or "want" of someone, as a partner, friend or relative who adores and spoils me--which is a perfectly excellent human arrangement--or living in my spiritual, unlimited, fulfilled awareness? Divine yet a human being, I take pleasure in living and being surrounded by me. I look forward to every moment I spend in my joyous delightful company. I take private walks singing and talking to nature; I go shopping alone, meeting all kinds of loving "MEs", I travel alone by plane, car, train or thought, yet I do not feel lonely or abandoned as I am content within. I am in love with myself. Hurrah!

Being in love with myself I respect my body by whatever I think. I naturally do everything for myself as I am the most important person in the universe.

As an illustration I set a lovely table for my meal, I set it because I am my own most wonderful royal company. I use a beautiful table cloth with a matching fresh napkin. I decorate the table with flowers and light a romantic candle; I take time to enjoy the delicious home cooked meal and, smile, just enjoying BEING!

On a cold winter day, I light a gentle cozy fire in my fireplace and watch the colorful flames lovingly playing with each other. I have the time of my life. Nobody other than me can ever make me happier and more fulfilled than my peaceful thoughts about me and my world in oneness of those timeless moments spent privately with me. Hours pass yet time stands still. Truly I know there is no space, no time, no otherness but ME in love with me! Falling in love with me is all that matters. It is done and it is fun! I give myself a Valentine and I love to smell my roses from my garden of love.


-Dr Ellen Jermini