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GIST - February 2005 Issue
The Law Always Works


Only one thing keeps me from achieving my goals sought after in treatment: inconsistency!

The law always works!

  • Why then does the law seem not to work when I put a cause in motion to achieve a given result?

  • Why is it that the most competent practitioners of principle have difficulty in achieving things they say are very important to them?

  • Why is it that it seems most people on Earth have difficulty in achieving the goals of their heart when they seem to desire it so intensely?

Only one thing keeps me from achieving my goals sought after in treatment: inconsistency!

Would I like to live in my ideal spirit, mind and body?

Would I like to be independently wealthy?

Would I like to enjoy eternal life in a perfect body here and now?

Would I like to live in a world in which everyone is harmonious with everyone else?

Would I like to know peace?

Would I like to be invisible?

Would I like to be aware of what I am doing on other dimensions?

Would I like to walk on water, fly, swim underwater endlessly, walk "through" walls, see anything anywhere near or far, hear anything I like to hear, have my thought be known by anyone to whom I project my thought and be able to know the thoughts others want me to know, to truly be unlimited in any wild wayout thought or concept that passes through my consciousness?

Any and all of these things, and lots more I can come up with, are everyday tariff for anyone who is consistent in their thinking. These are not strange things to anyone who realizes they are the creator of their world under all circumstances on every dimension of existence.

Many people are consistent and get results.

Since many people are consistent and get results how come I do not see these people and know about them in the normal course of events in my life?

People who get results are legion; they are the infinity of all creation. The people who seemingly get no results are getting the no results they sincerely expect. They are consistent in their belief that something will not take place in their life and so it happens, but they will not give themselves credit for not having it happen!

In my universe, in my environment, in my world of experience, I surround myself with people who have convictions exactly like mine: inconsistent. When I surround myself with people whose convictions are exactly as mine I am not aware of those people whose convictions differ from my own.

People who use foul polluted language flock together. People who are positive and joyous flock together. People who have wild imaginations flock together. People in science who are either space oriented, particle oriented, chemically oriented--or what have you--flock together. They dream and experience life from their format, their way of seeing things and get most amazing results. People on all levels of life find comradery and oneness with those in a mutually aligned field.

Enough of proving other fields. I look at my own life and the things that delight me and make my awareness of the fact: principle functions.

Starting with the obvious: my body comes from an impossible starting point, just a thought. Then my body unfolds from one seed and turns into the being which I am, amazing. My body has numerous systems in it which function alone and in concert with one another in most incredible ways. I can cause any one of these astonishing conditions to be altered and be converse to their original purity and integrity and appear negative to reasonable choice. I do it all with my thought and I am not surprised in my decisions. Then I surround myself with like thinking beings and wonder why it is the modus vivendi of my life. All my choice.

If I truly want the charming possibilities that I talk about in this column then I align myself with "a universe" in which these things are an everyday occurrence. I align myself with the dimension of livingness which has this as its foundation principle. This is done by consistency.

Consistently, every moment of my life, I affirm and recognize that I am one in and as the principle which I have my life express. From the point of view of the law or principle it does not matter whether it is to my benefit or to my detriment, it is all just a matter of my selection of what I choose to experience in this apparently material universe which is the result of my mental universe.

When they happen, I call things that I would like to experience and am not fully aware of, magic. And to outward appearances it truly is magic--exercising a power, my thought, to bring about something seemingly impossible to be done, an enchantment.

However for the power to have its validity--producing a result--it is applied consistently to its end.

I find that when I am inconsistent I say to myself I am only human, an excuse for not being consistent. In so many ways I am consistent and truly onepointed. I am consistent in thinking it will not work. I am consistent in thinking it is beyond the scope of humans, it is witchcraft or wizardry and therefore not real, not applicable to my normal routine of life.

About me are an infinite number of "human beings" who enjoy the very things I dream about. I choose to be in their environment. These people do not conceive of the possibility that something they think about might not be real and might not exist as an appearance. These people live in the recognition that they have everything they think about right now. They do not live a life of wishing something might be so, they live in the consciousnesses that things are indeed so.

I can have this same experience, this same conclusion, this same remarkable result consciously when I keep myself consistent to my dream, my goal and my choice--whatever that thought may be, however wild and imaginative it may be--with consistency I experience it now.

This is the joy of my heart and being. It is done unto me according to my thought. So . . . !

The law, the principle, always work.


. . . human beings corrupt divine beings!

It is interesting to see that whenever and wherever a divine unlimited being comes forth on the face of the Earth human beings corrupt them.

We have many examples and each one was pushed into the mold by their parents, peers, teachers and friends. Mozartís talent lay in music. If he had been groomed entirely as a composer--not to become a composer--to spend his entire life listening to the magic music from within him and placing it in the musical scores for which he is famous then he would have fulfilled his purpose in being here, of being himself and having fun.

The human says he should have a "childhood" and he should learn to socialize--to get along with other children and humans--to what end. Had he been enchanted to do what the genius in him gifted him to do he would be the vehicle for music sublime. He would have felt inner completion and bliss also known to humans, and he would have been true to his divine self.

We can look at any genius we choose--which includes every human being on the face of the Earth (or elsewhere)--and we immediately see that they differ from normal beings. The gifted ones have no desire to play children games; they have no desire to think in the realm of childhood as we interpret it. Gifted ones have only a desire to express themselves in their native genius, their native talent, their natural intuitive wisdom and awareness of whom and what they are. Really nothing else matters to them. If adults in their world, as well as their peers, had the vision to see this when a genius is blossoming, another magical being would be expressing its faultless genius for it needs cultivation in its own specialty, its own art.

Look at Einstein and Edison, had they been set free to dream from the get-go they would have provided the world with infinite blessings no one knows how great.

Look at yourself--look at me--no one knows the magic in me except me. Your magic is private to you alone, too. No one knows who and what I am except me and I am not talking. I am being me in quietude and therein and therefore I am not challenged by my parents, my family, my peers or anyone in my world. The divine in me just greases the slide for me into my awareness of my divinity and I soar in bliss.

Whenever I see in myself the glimmer of genius, I hide it and take it into my secret garden and nurture it and enjoy it to its fullest. I have no idea that I have this blessing nor that I am nurturing it alone in my private place--however, I do know it is taking place because if feel so fulfilled, so revealed, so illumined.

I believe I should create a seminar on this concept.

Revealing The Genius Within.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle