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GIST - March 2005 Issue
Do I Ever Get Frustrated

HerbDo I ever get frustrated? This is a marvelous question. As I work with the students, ministers, practitioners, monks and friends of the University of Healing I am always confronted with their projects, programs, interrelationships and selfanalysis.

With great sincerity they are working on their personal lives and on the lives of those in their world. Each one knows they are number one, each one knows that it is done unto them according to their thoughts, each one knows that all is in divine order: yet each one struggles and says so often "How can I teach working with the principle and not have it work under all circumstances in my life?"

You might ask, Why would a practitioner, minister and proponent of the philosophy of the University of Healing ever have any question in their minds, in their lives, in their hearts? Why would a person who has studied for years with the UNI feel that sometimes the principle seems not to work in their experience?

The answer is all too simple.

When we let our emotions get into the picture we become diabolically ineffective. Emotions de-plete principle of its usefulness. The emotions make us feel that conditions are the reality which must happen and the only illusion which has validity and substantiation. All things are reality and illusions, beneficial and nonbeneficial things. It is up to us which reality we will give our support to accomplish.

A practitioner of principle always keeps in mind that whatever reality aka illusion it desires to experience, that remains foremost in their attention.

Just as soon as I am in charge of my emotions I have one hundred percent success in my treatment.

Do I ever get frustrated? Not really! I see behind all illusions and all reality and see exactly what the person is seeking to experience and do not require them to see from my point of view, but from their own. In doing so I can never be frustrated, but sometimes my people seem to be, smile!

-Dr Herbert L Beierle