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GIST - April 2005 Issue
What Have I Brought Into My House


A friend was having difficulties with her son. The boy was a normal dynamic genius finding his way in the morass of city living and to make it more difficult, his mother was unmarried and brought many of her "friends" into the home and exposed the young man to their ways.

The boy was finding his way with his close friends who were all proving to be outstanding reputable boys with the silly strange ways of the current day teenager. Their interest was in music, computers, science and clothes.

The mother was an intellectual giant but an emotional infant. She did not realize bringing her friends into her home with their adult attitudes and skills the boys admired and emulated, made the boys feel that whatever the friend did was acceptable even when it was using foul language and being "mean" to the mother.

The boy is still progressing well, but he is building a standard of acceptance for conduct which will prove itself undesirable in everyday life. I asked the mother, "Would you like your son to be like your friend, to live like your friend, to act like your friend?" She immediately responded, "Never!"

I asked the mother, why then are you giving him a set of mores and mental/physical standards which will inhibit him from being the outstanding spiritually illumined genius which he is by exposing him to the conduct of your friend and saying that you approve of this conduct by your attention and admiration to your friend. What have you brought into your house?

When we live our lives alone we face only ourselves and the consequence of our conduct.

When we allow ourselves to have children in our world we face the responsibility of what are we teaching them by what we endorse in our world and what we think is "fun" and "desirable" and "acceptable" for anyone in our world to do.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle