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GIST - April 2005 Issue
Intuition Illumines Our Life


Everyday I get up and go to bed, I do the necessaries to prepare us for the day and I have my meals, I either go to school or I go to my work or I stay at home and busy myself there. One day adds to another and little inspirational happens in my life. I feel that I am just living a simple uneventful uninteresting life. And I am doing just that.

Life is that way. I make it that way. I look at the daily happenings and see them in their common ordinary appearance and feel that that is all there is. Truly, that is all there is when I look no further. I can look to the storehouse of all magic, imagination, inspiration and laughter-love-living. The place is my own intuition.

My tendency in life is to take the status quo and accept things for what they appear to be.

I like to think that I am something special. I like to think that I have a magic key in my mind called intuition which I can turn in the keyhole of every experience I have in life.

I look at a bird singing in the tree. Mentally I go up into the tree and sit beside this fellow. I look at him and he looks at me and we talk, yes we carry on a conversation, it is my intuition, my imagination, my magic, my inspiration, my laughter-love-living experience. I am in charge.

So, the bird looks me in the eye and says, "I did not know you knew how to fly. How did you get up here onto this tree branch? How did you do that?" I smile back at the beautiful iridescent bird delighting in the many hues of his feather stock--and for a second I am amazed that I am up here on this limb with my feathered friend.

"You know," I smile at my chirping friend whos every twitter I fully understand. I am harmonious with his every movement. "I decided that I have perception, the intuition to do and be anything I want to be and do. I just thought Id pop up here with you and see how things look from this perspective. I thought Id take a look at the world from your point of view. Pretty neat eh! I like it."

"Hey, guy, you have no wings. You did not flit up here with your wings. Where are your wings? You cannot fly without wings--do you know that!"

"Well," I explain to my tree-limb-sitting buddy, "I fly with my thought. Wings are great but they would limit me to how fast and how far I could go. Wings are glorious and exciting but not nearly as much fun as my thought. Do you know what I mean?" The bird looks at me as thought I lost my marbles. Yet, somehow, he knows everything that I know. He understands me no matter how intellectual or emotional I may express myself. He is one with and as me--and, or is it that, I am one with and as him. Same thing!

As I sit on the tree bough I look over the yard. I see everything from a pilots point of view, but even better. I do not have to maneuver an airplane. I do not have to maintain my altitude to look around at the ground below me. I am the air. I am the sky. I am the tree. I am all and it is exciting this instant, wow.

My bird friend says to me that he would like to live in the awareness of his sixth sense too and asks, "If you can do this, can I do this too? Can I go down on the ground and walk around as a human being and do the things humans do?"

Being so wise and listening to my feeling-self I instantly say, "You bet! Go for it. However, remember that you are still a bird acting like a human and the humans may not understand you unless you create humans with your perception and insight to see you and marvel that a bird can do all of the things they do."

"Yeah, gotch! If I am going to pretend I am a human I must pretend humans see me as a bird and are not surprised I act as a human. That is pretty neat too."

"No, no, no, my friend," I chide my feathered partner. "You do not pretend, you are! You are human in your consciousness, in your mind, in the way you think and act. You are no longer a bird, only in outer appearance, you are now a human."

"Cool man, but that is a pretty big step for me. I have always been a bird. Playing being human boggles my mind. Ok, I know what you mean, I do not play being a human being, I am a human being in every aspect of my thought being. The difference between being and pretending is doing and not doing. So if I would experience the human aspect of life I think of myself as human. If I think of myself as a bird I act as a bird. Wow, why didnt I think of that before?"

"Ok Mr Bird, now you know why I am here with you as a bird. I choose to be a bird and I am a bird. When I choose to be a human I will be a human. When I choose to be an atom, a tree, a planet-moon-sun whatever, I am that which I choose to be," I am delighted at the wisdom which pours from my mind.

I had a suspicion that this was how it worked, but until I popped up on the branch, I had never put it to the test. The inkling that I could do it was dormant in me awaiting my decision to do it--to reveal what my instinct said was most natural.

There are only open doorways before me. I look at life in all of its creative mystical magical expressions and I am every one of them. No matter what I dream, if I will put feet under my dreams and realize that they are just as real as the appearances in my life I call real.

I have just stepped on a new level of life that was always present in me and now I am ready to enjoy it and claim all the heretofore thought strange and unbelievable things, now are commonplace. What a glorious way to live.

My storehouse is always open for my selections and I select well.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle