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GIST - May 2005 Issue
It Always Happens


   It always happens; this is a statement that is quite common but powerful which really makes things happen. So long as these things are exciting positive events, I shout, WOW! However, when things happen which are not satisfying, I ask myself, WHY?

I am standing at the check-out in MICHELS, a well-known art-store in San Diego. Before me in line an elderly lady is busily collecting her merchandise from her shopping cart. Among her precious goodies emerge a dozen colorful reproductions of spring flowers, each one looking so real and beautiful. I wonder what she intends to do with these lovely ornaments just before Easter. Cracking the egg of inquisitiveness I ask her straight out what she will do with these lifelike flowers. With but a fleeting glance--still busy at the cashier--she casually answers: "These flowers I put them in the cemetery."

I waited with bated breath before I speak. She begrudgingly moans: "After two days my flowers are stolen; thatís what always happens. Thatís what always happens!"

Oh yes, habit--I think to myself! The habit of using certain words in connection with repeating unhappy events: it always happens! Naturally these statements bring forth a cause not at all advantageous. Words that limit me that I personally have cancelled from my vocabulary:

Every time,
Again and again,
All the time,
Not at all,
I hope,
And their synonyms!

These simple powerful expressions result in a negative outcome and create a dilemma.  By choice I have taken control of these habits that manipulate me.

After the lady musingly leaves the store, lugging away her pretty flowers, I see her return right to me! Maybe she caught my thoughts and now is ready to hear them, I think to myself. Without any special reason she stops in front of me still cranky and whining:

"You know, for years I put flowers on my husbandís tomb. It is really so sad. They always disappear after a day or two.

I urgently want to give an answer. My intuition bursts words out from my heart: "Of course this happens always, my dear lady, because you make it happen by affirming: It always happens."

Her penetrating dark brown eyes stare at me as if she is staggered and dizzy. I obviously talked to her in riddles which her next question confirms.

"What did you say, I make this happen?  No away," she protests, still holding her shopping basket filled with her precious flower in her arm. "You see," she points to her flowers, "I buy these flowers, because I enjoy seeing them on the grave. They look so pretty!"

"Yes, they sure look pretty and show a lot of love and respect to your husband," I concur.

"Would you like to accept a little suggestion from me," I chuckled explaining to her: "Thoughts as well as words have tremendous power. They are causes we each put into motion for our life and they become real to us. They manifest because the law of cause and effect lets it happen, it lets it happen by the power of our individual belief. It always happens has an enormous pressure on our thinking; it is like a focused command shouted out into the universe. And of course it happens." 

My flower lady listens attentively gazing at me obsequiously, while heaving a long sigh; yet ready to accept my caring words! A warm smile enlightens her wrinkled sun tanned face as she opens her intrinsic wisdom to the magic of a new understanding.

"Just to make it clear," I gently repeat: "It always happens is a thought, a cause which lets it happen--whatever positive or negative idea you add to it. As you now go to the cemetery and arrange these flowers lovingly in memory of your husband, you surround each flower with your pure white light of love knowing that they are there for your sweetheart and no one else even sees them. They are from you to him and this is what now happens for ever more."

"Thank you very much; thank you," she gratefully shakes my hands. However I cannot do other than take her in my arms, give her a big hug confirming our new cause:

It Is Done According To My Belief!

-Dr Ellen Jermini