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GIST - May 2005 Issue
Being A Living Example


A long time student recently moved into an awareness of another dimension of life and left his spiritual counseling business to his students. The students discussed the possibilities of how they would operate another manís life-work and each decided it was a difficult task and would rather move in their own light.

One student ended up taking over her teacher and mentorís business. Immediately she began to have the very illnesses and problems in her life that her clients were experiencing. We discussed this and found out that she was trying to carry out her former teacherís program which really did not suit her.

She made a dramatic turnabout, but in the process she retained some of the physical and mental problems. We discussed her alternatives, the solutions that lay before her. It meant giving up all that was past and living in the present moment. Her fast acting thoughts exacerbated a minor condition into a major condition in her body.

A real solution had to be revealed. She unfortunately had a very big mouth and told everyone her condition, her problems and her dreams making a hodge-podge of thinking in her own mind and in the thoughts of those to whom she spoke.

Her first self-taught lesson was to shut-up, tell no one what were her dreams, her circumstances and her life. Following Jesusí admonition she went forth as a physician to heal herself first. She let conditions get out of hand. Now she took all of the necessary steps to control them. She was her own best client and she handles herself very well.

In the process she now works with her receptive mother, sister, brother and husband seeing all in divine order. Her story is just beginning--but it has a wonderful foundation now.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle