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GIST - May 2005 Issue
I Found God


Everyone is looking for God. Few find God. I have found God. I found God is god with a lower case g because god is the allness and the nothingness. I have found god in my introspective thought. Every thought I think is god, every word I speak is god and every action I do is god. I choose to live in no judgment as to what god in me says and to know that when what I learn from god within me is loving, consistent, factual and reality; then I can believe it is indeed god in-dwelling sharing with me all that it is.

Everywhere I go I share with people how to enter introspection and have a relationship with god.

Everywhere I go I find people who want to know god and understand what god has in store for them as they live their lives.

Everywhere I go I see god in action expressing as unconditional love which knows neither past nor future only the instant present now.

Everywhere I go I find the consistency of all existence is peace and harmony uplifting and making for a happy life, and an attitude that is untouched by any apparent good or bad facade, knowing the reality behind it.

Entering into the state of inner submission and enfoldment I feel a blissful sense of honor. There is no question in my mind that what I am doing is from god or not, I know it is god in me speaking and expressing the thoughts that I think. I have no doubt.

As I started on this quest of inward searching and introspection I had often experienced a barrage of negativity and confusion. At first I felt this was not god, and then I realized that it was god thinking thoughts that once were valid for me, but not any longer. So I let these thoughts flow on past my awareness and I continued to listen within. Just as I would witness any event in my world which was not of interest to me, so I ignored and released any hold of my attention on any confusion and negativity. Soon all that I experienced were honorable thoughts and I dwelt in the sense of unbelievable bliss.

I found that whatever I give my attention to during the day either blesses or confounds my introspection time. As I lovingly observe all of the happenings of my day, I move into introspection smoothly and immediately when I choose.

Things that strengthen me in my resolve to be positive and loving are maintaining a condition of holding no judgment of anything that another person does. I see someone seeking to distract my attention by hurting another and I immediately say: All is in divine order. Then I get my confused attitude out of the way and let the divine order stand. If I see a wild storm brewing my first thought is: All is in divine order. Then I no longer see a wild storm, I see a "friendly" sky and enjoy whatever it has to offer as exciting and a blessing for all whom it affects.

My entire world is a joyous experience and living in this in my outer, I find only that when I turn to the infinite presence, my reality, within me.

During my introspection while I am sitting peacefully, driving my car, walking or waiting for an appointment, I live in a state of calm and harmony so that I feel balanced inside. It does not take my attention away from my driving the car or walking or whatever I am doing. I am fully cognizant of whatever my body is doing and what my responsibilities are in driving my car, walking or whatever. I surround my self and my car with my pure white light of love and all my ways are peace and all my paths are pleasantness. Indeed: All is in divine order.

What happens in my introspection is not so different from what happens in my every moment of living. I am peaceful. I am aware of whatever I choose to be aware of--and I remember what I am aware of thinking and the conclusions I arrive at in my introspective time.

Introspection is not a secret strange mystical time that is unusual. Introspection is the most usual and normal activity in my everyday life.

Introspection is not fun. Introspection is not earthshaking. Introspection is not monumental. Intro-spection is what every one of us does every moment of every day. Beneficial introspection is when I am in charge of what I allow myself to think about and what conclusions I choose to arrive at from my input.

In my introspection I have found god. I have found the presence and the power of the universe at my beck and call. I have found a peace which makes me feel my life has purpose--the purpose of being myself and having fun.

Many in the Christian attitude feel that life is a challenge and something which tears at the very fabric of our being; something which is not easy and a delight. The master said my burden is easy and my yoke is light. And so is ours. And so is ours when we think loving and positive thoughts as the master teacher taught. This is constantly being revealed to me in my introspection.

I spend 24 hours every day in joyful introspection and follow the inner wisdom and guidance to think, speak and do everything beneficial to me and my world. I have found god.

-Dr Herbert L Beierle