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EJ Shares - Winter 2007 Issue

Perfect Investments

EllenPerfect investment
is perfect thinking.
Perfect thinking,
is perfectly investing.

FINANCIAL counselors, investors and successful economists enjoy their blooming profession as they work from their intuitive inner knowingness. Their perfect investments are the result of their peace of mind and their alert positive thinking.

When I decide for a financial investment such as putting money in stocks and bonds, in the bank or the market, I am successful as I am open for a pecuniary profit.

However, the Business Week, the internet, TV and radio shower me with investment news according to the world economy announcing the market up or the market down, making investments a challenging and thrilling game.

These challenges may confront me with logic or reason - not at all tolerable to my intuitive knowingness for a winning perfect investment.

In the undergraduate course of the University of Healing I learn that reason and logic stem from prior information or knowledge. Neither logic nor reason can account for the movement of the stars and galaxies of the heavens. They cannot account for the life principle within living things which give them continuity. Reason and logic are the games people play when trying to understand god. Reason and logic deny my intrinsic knowledge to do the magic I am guided to follow from within. Reason and logic on the relative level, in the thinking of the appearance world, have no place in spiritual reality.

Relative experiences - seemingly so real - such as the announcement of adjacent burning hills, the notice of a serious illness of a beloved one, or dramatic information of political news events - anything - which stimulates my senses, may shake my attitude and thus my belief in a thriving investment.

Perfect investment, is focused thinking for anything my heart delights. I listen to the inherent whispering transmitter, through the silence in me. It talks so gently yet so definitely from my open joy-filled heart as I celebrate my awareness of independent wealth, as I rejoice in a healthy body, as I have fun with harmonious relationships, as I am simply being myself and having fun.

Being myself and having fun results in a perfect investment. Wherever I walk, whatever I do, whoever I am, I invest from my indwelling happy self. My world reflects this ever so clearly and easily thus when I am in town running errands.

I am in Home Depot looking for the paint department. At this busy Christmas season people crowd in to the just opened store, each one deeply engrossed in their myriad exciting purchases. In this hassle and bustle I hear a happy "tenor" voice uninhibitedly singing Christmas songs.

What a perfect time investment, I think to myself, searching for the high in spirit lovely voice. A "young" grizzled, small in figure, happy fellow appears out of the crowed next to me opening me the way to the next register.

Wow, you have a lovely voice, I comment inquisitively, wondering if he was a professional singer.

"Yes, I like to sing, he unceremoniously responds while paying for a little box of screws. "For more than 40 years my wife and I sang in a famous church choir. We even sang in Latin and I still remember all the text. It was a glorious time. Now I sing for myself and I sing a lot as it keeps me in the flow of life regardless I have to return to this store three times in the row to change something I incorrectly bought."

Hey, young man, I leapt in, your joy filled appearance is certainly a gift, an uplifting experience to many whom you bless with your special charisma. Every time you return an item to this store or any other place, you are sharing your happy self with someone whose day might be clouded by a little hurt. YOU are there to invest your happiness, to sing and let go, certainly a perfect booster for your surroundings, for everyone who is ready for a perfect investment.

"Thank you," he humbly yet gratefully responds, "a good way of thinking, a good motivation to know that nothing happens by chance. I will remember your words."

—Dr Ellen Jermini