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Winter 2007

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God's Pocket - Winter 2007 Issue

I Am Choking

HerbWHEN IS TOO much affirmation too much? Too much affirmation is too much when I think of it as a pronouncement. As I think about it as a tedious experience rather than an uplifting and exciting adventure into a new expression of my divine self - my ultimate being.

Too often when I speak an affirmation I act as though I should be able to articulate one phrase with confidence and have it fulfill itself immediately. This is true. This is how an effective affirmation is designed to work.

These affirmations are the usual modality for getting something. While this is the most common technique to approach human goals, it is lack-a-luster on my spiritual path.

Affirmations confirm my divine nature. I may begin with human virtues, human values and human desires to prepare myself for my big show. However, in doing this, I create within myself the very limitation I seek to leave behind.

There was a reason Jesus taught his disciples to seek first the kingdom of god and then all things would be added. In our impatience we want the "all things" first and then perhaps the path leading to spiritual illumination. We can become all too complacent with "all things" and never go on for the treasure.

The glorious thing about seeking the spiritual values is that I am not anticipating the human values which of themselves reveal themselves to me in my life - for they have been there all the while. Should I aspire to the human good I have pictured so vividly in my thought, I find that there is little "time" and less "place" for nothingness, which in fact is the allness. Going for the "gold" in the Olympics is going for the ultimate prize. Going for my divine self is going for the gold and its prize is beyond measure - but magnificent indeed.

Now what sort of statements qualifies for spiritual affirmations?

Spiritual affirmations are:

I am unconditional love.

Living in the consciousness of these affirmations I am headed directly into the kingdom of heaven within me. Speaking these statements I confirm my divinity and live in the bliss that comes from knowing I am all now.

My affirmations are designed to change my attitude about myself to believing and knowing that I am that which I speak my word for now. As I persist in my divine incantation using my spiritual mantras I am fulfilled in all areas of my life and content with my universality.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle