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EJ Shares - Spring 2008 Issue


EllenHEAVEN IS NOT a place; heaven is a state of consciousness which I reveal on this earthly dimension. Also called the Garden of Eden in which Adam and Eve are symbols of the first human beings where they lived their original purity and integrity. Their original state was painted in the Bible as being lost, due to the temptations they did not resist. The concept of the loss of my divinity through this symbolic story is a reminder that my reality is indeed pure, my reality is being god. This is the reality of all animate beings and inanimate objects.

The flight to heaven is my thought-line to my divine inner self. It is always there waiting for me to awaken to the unchangeable truth lying dormant in me.

It is a lovely sunny afternoon in January here in the high desert of Southern California. I step out of the house ready for my meditation walk. I am looking forward to my daily introspective time. I love being alone in nature. I let the surrounding mountains and valleys whisper their glory into my soul. I am eager to be myself and have fun.

Outside the door is Dr Beierle’s four-year-old very special Golden Retriever Rex stretched out as if waiting for me. Leisurely Rex pretends to sleep, not noticing me, I think. It is my opportunity to go on my way unobserved, I think.

The sun cheers me up with an exceptionally warm smile. A few puffy white clouds reflect their blessings on me. Full heartedly I sing my affirmations. I march in full awareness letting my feet glide me up and down the mountain slopes. I sing glorious hymns gazing into the vastness of the blue ocean sky. I am absorbed in the moment. The air is pure and still embracing me in its blissful silence.

I am deeply enthralled in my heavenly flight when suddenly I am bumped by a happy teddy bear. Rex, the Golden Retriever - a moment ago apparently in a deep sleep - runs by with unrestrained enthusiasm happily bouncing and dancing in front of me like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh Bear movies. His energy is overwhelmingly vital. He enjoys his freedom on these heavenly 104 acres, his vast playground. Indefatigably he investigates his territory, smelling bush, tree or rock, nuzzling around and marking each with his special vibes of pure joy.

Sniffling around inquisitively he settles for nothing less than for the longest stick in the field, proudly embracing it as his latest precious toy. Hilariously he shakes and yanks the stick around, tosses it in the air and once more leaps off deep into the bush. Then, for a moment, there is no sign of racing Rex, just frantic clatter of active digging and scratching, his now hottest and only interest. Passing by his "working place" he once more pretends not to see me. I continue on my way, happily singing my affirmations focused on me.

It does not take long and yuppie . . . there is my racing lighthearted teddy bear once more, overtaking me at 100-miles-an-hour. Pointedly he runs as chasing some interesting creature.

Unexpectedly, as following an inner command, he stops, placing himself in the middle of my path. Attentively he watches me walking, staring at me with an intent expression. As I come closer he thumps his tail on the ground showing his inner contentment. His gentle dark brown eyes asking me for his habitual hug usually generously shared by him for his master. Expectantly he lifts his head toward me while I tenderly caress his snuggly fluffy fur. His loving presence speaks the silent language of pure unconditional love. What a dog, what a being, what an amazing teacher. He is my blissful reflection! He is the perfect mirror of my happy divine self, loving and liking myself just the way I am!

Though I am apparently distracted on my heavenly flight, watching Rex in his joyous expression awakens me to the dimension of unconditional love. I am deeply drawn into Rex’ magical energy . . . and I am grateful for what I create in this playful lover. He is a unique dog. He defines true love. Everyone on Earth is enjoying Rex vicariously as a companion and playmate--as a co-pilot on their heavenly flight.

Heaven is right here, right now--living in my pure consciousness. My meditation is richer and fuller than I could have dreamed.

—Dr Ellen Jermini