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Spring 2008

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Practitioner Letter - Spring 2008 Issue

It Hit Me Right In The Face

JENNY’S STORY COULD be everyone’s story. It is all about discovering how to find meaning in life and how to be myself and have fun.

Jenny is a young executive feeling an inner urge to find out who she really is on a deeper level than her job allows. So she starts reading books, attending success training workshops, but finds in none of them that inner significant intuitive recognition of: "Yes, this is what I want!"

One day as she is driving to work, traffic stops because of a broken water pipe and she is directed to drive through an obscure little street which she has never driven before. As she is inching along the small street a sign stares into her face. God within YOU is the answer! For a brief moment she feels like stopping, but then argues with herself that she really is not a religious person and surely god could not be the answer to her quest.

The next day she is directed to take the same detour - and again the sign stares at her and again she withholds the urge to stop. But something within her that feels rather uncomfortable is starting to stir. So, in the morning of the third day she seriously thinks of taking another route. But then she reasons that by now the road would be repaired - and if against all odds the detour would still exist, she would really stop this time and find out what was behind the sign.

Well - she stopped - and her life truly started anew as she attended the seminar of a New Thought philosophy that was advertising itself with the sign. The awareness of god within was indeed the answer for Jenny. For the first time she hears that god in all its love and goodness - and all the creativity she could only imagine was within her as her and through her, in every aspect of her life. And - by accepting this fact she invited herself to fulfillment and completeness and by simply starting to like herself, peace came and with peace all the answers to her quest presented themselves openly before her.

When it was time for me to understand who I am, the world stood still and did its thing. It was a different scenario, but just like with Jenny, it was obvious - and it hit me right in the face. There was no escape, like for Jenny.

I still get hit by divine nudging from within, very gentle reminders most of the time. Like this morning when I listened to a bird singing out its joy and happiness in a nearby bush. It is so beautiful and peaceful, it turns my heart inside out.

It’s like saying, "Hey Sylvia, like yourself, like yourself, for god’s sake!" Yeah, you are right, I am god, and for the sake of myself, I like myself.

Just a little bird, but it hit me right in the face when I needed it!

Actually it is fun to listen! Smile!

—Dr Sylvia M Enz