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Summer 2009

GIST Magazine
Swiss Meditation Master Creator Mattia Arnoldi, grandson of Ellen Jermini, created this massive Life Oak Tree trunk into a glorious Absolute Monastery Meditation bench.

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God's Pocket
I Walk in Single Mindedness

I Like Me

EJ Shares
Mattia’s Magical Bench

Practitioner Letter
It Is So Simple


God's Pocket - Summer 2009 Issue

I Walk in Single Mindedness

Ellen LIVING IN THIS world I am daily faced with the many opportunities to look at life and decide just how I act, what foods I eat and primarily the thoughts I think.

It is really not a lot of fun to live this unsure busy way. Every moment I face myself with making decisions of how I am to respond to my human world. None of the decisions seems to be satisfying either to my body, mind or spirit.

I tell myself I should meditate and pray. I should take time to listen within and follow its directions. But do I always truly do this?

The answer is unfortunately no.

The wisdom within me is so superior to the knowledge and "facts" which lie about me that it surprises me that I do not more significantly listen to the voice and directions that are in my heart.

As a metaphysical practitioner I tell my friends who ask for guidance on their mental, physical and spiritual path the best advice they can receive from the outside is to listen within and follow their heart. Their heart being the inner knowingness--not emotions.

When I have sufficiently trained myself to listen within I find I am more than adequately guided to think beneficial thoughts, speak powerful words and be active in creative actions. This is a principle that works and it works every time. I listen and follow from within.

Today I take exceedinglyroclaim the reahat I am now.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle