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Summer 2009

GIST Magazine
Swiss Meditation Master Creator Mattia Arnoldi, grandson of Ellen Jermini, created this massive Life Oak Tree trunk into a glorious Absolute Monastery Meditation bench.

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God's Pocket
I Walk in Single Mindedness

I Like Me

EJ Shares
Mattia’s Magical Bench

Practitioner Letter
It Is So Simple


Serendipity - Summer 2009 Issue

I Like Me

I GET OUT OF life whatever I put into life. I put unconditional love in all of my affairs and I get a powerful return of unconditional love. It does not matter what I put into my life this is exactly what I get back - as I love myself I am loved by all. As I love all I am loved by all. Sincere love brings sincere love under all conditions.

If there is a point in my life I do not like me, I change the point and confirm I LIKE ME and watch the dust fly as the changed attitude settles in to take the place of the former attitude.

A Crying Man

ADRIAN SUTER LIKES to visit Thailand. Every opportunity he will fly down from Switzerland to enjoy this placid fabulous country. On one visit as he was driving by a neighboring forested land he saw a man who was crying his heart out. He had just lost his entire family and now was all alone. The man owned land but now had no reason to go on. Adrian looked him square in the eyes and said: "Your family is gone! Mourning is fine, but that was two years ago and it is time to go on. For your wonderful family, build upon your land, cultivate your fields, love the place you have in memory of your family. They want you to live and go on with your life. Find a new wife, have a new family, be happy you have a life to live and the ability to develop your land for yourself."

Two years later Adrian visited Thailand and met the crying man. Crying no longer. He proudly showed Adrian his new home and barns, the cultivated land in harvest, his wife and children, and said, "You are the one who encouraged me to go on. Thank you!"

Adrian was outspoken but loving and positive. His words were timely and the happy results for the man and his new family were special beyond words. Adrian helped the man live in the now and enjoy the magic and excitement of living in the now. The man changed his attitude. He said I LIKE ME. He began to like himself. He said I GO ON NOW. He went on to rise as the Phoenix from the ashes of his burnt out family into the newness of the now and all it showered on him.

Endless Selfconfident

VISITING OWERRI NIGERIA I met our student Endless Kalu who came to attend my seminar there. He sat in the back. I encouraged him to sit in the front. He spoke in a whisper like a mouse. I encouraged him to speak positively and powerfully to be heard. Endless, married in December, is in the process of enlarging his computer business in his hometown of Ohafia in Abia State in Nigeria. During a pause I photographed Endless. He proudly offered to show me on my video how President Obama walks and presents himself to the crowds. With chin up, shoulders back chest out and stomach in, with confident strides and controlled arm and hand movement, he walked with confidence before my camera. Then, surprising me and delighting me, he spoke so all could clearly hear him, representing how Obama presents himself. I was thrilled. I said, Endless, you can speak out and you can be heard. You are wonderful. Endless played a new now role. With selfassurance and selfrespect he walked and spoke and "looked" like Obama himself, well done.

Endless Selfconfident

OUR UNI NEIGHBOR Art Biggs is a most amazing man. He has friends everywhere and works over several states building private, state, county and federal buildings. He is a man born to I LIKE ME.

Art toured us through a farm on which he has a long time association. It is a large dairy farm with hundreds of heads of cows for milking. The farm is just going through a transition but Art showed us the equipment it took to make it function. Within a year the farm changed from milk production to energy production using their condenser to change the manure into energy - and also cooking oils from local restaurants into energy. Servicing the restaurants became so beneficial that they stopped raising cows and using manure for energy to only processing used cooking oils.

The San Diego County farm has been in service half a century but when it came time to change, the change was efficiently and effectively done - also financially beneficial to the farm.

The farmers live in the enthusiasm of I LIKE ME growing with the flow. When change was indicated they moved with the necessary new attitude into a magnificent and successful venture - calling upon their old skills to be put to a new direction.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle