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Winter 2010

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Winter at the Absolute Monastery in Campo in Southern California paints itself as a glorious scene, nature at its best.

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God's Pocket
Be Still And Know

Anniversaries Are Lots of Fun

EJ Shares
The Magic Path Along Golden Lake

Practitioner Letter
A Miracle For Jason

Affirmation Column
Following Divine Guidance From Within


God's Pocket - Winter 2010 Issue

Be Still And Know

EllenI TRAVEL THE WORLD and visit with people everywhere, but it is only when I am still and listen within my-self that my life has meaning.

So often I sit in the presence of advanced philosophical students who feel they know the way to their inner self and yet they complain that those in their outer world are at fault.

I received a letter from a student who knows principle and lives in part by following it to the letter. Now she is ready to take a giant step into her indwelling presence.

I wrote to her:

Beloved, You are a brilliant woman! Your life has been filled with genius and wisdom at every turn. Your past is made of structural materials, which give you a fabulous foundation for the rest of your life.

Now is the time to take a few precious moments of introspection for meditating on who and what you are and what your goal is for yourself—at this moment.

As you listen to the voice within you will find that it tells you to let go of the past. Your inner voice speaking to you tells you to be yourself and have fun. Your divine being tells you that your work is to see everyone as a finished masterpiece and your task is to enjoy each one of your creation as fulfilled beings, even as you are.

You have chosen to take the courses of the University of Healing as a bulwark to strengthen your present awareness of the masterpiece you are! With dedication complete your course so that it’s blessings for you may be fulfilled right now. The more you procrastinate the longer it takes to be able to stand back and admire the magic of your now beingness. Go for it my love. Your masterwork is almost complete so you can enjoy the harvest of who and what you are, right now!

You are always in Ellen and my love and blessings. Now open your eyes and see how happy you are in YOUR blessings!

I love you, Love, Herb

All of my ways are ways of peace when I determine my path now.

This is something, which I must do to and for myself for it to happen.

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle