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Winter 2010

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Winter at the Absolute Monastery in Campo in Southern California paints itself as a glorious scene, nature at its best.

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God's Pocket
Be Still And Know

Anniversaries Are Lots of Fun

EJ Shares
The Magic Path Along Golden Lake

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A Miracle For Jason

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Following Divine Guidance From Within


Serendipity - Winter 2010 Issue

Anniversaries Are Lots of Fun

FOR THIRTY-FIVE years the Church of God Unlimited / Univer-sity of Healing from Campo California has served around the world sharing its philosophy. This philosophy is also taught by every philosopher, teacher and metaphysical leader from the beginning of time: Be Yourself and Have Fun!

The worldwide headquarters and campus of the Church and UNI is quietly nestled in the mountains of Southern California on the picturesque 104-acre Far Valley Ranch in Campo California. Everyone who visits or works on the campus with the monks of the Absolute Monastery, permanently sense a profound peace and experience vibrations of wholeness.

After years of planning and preparing, the UNI was established to share by correspondence the teachings of the Church of God Unlimited. The committed Monks of the Absolute Monastery do the work of the colleges, schools, Church and campus. The monastery is a wing of the UNI. The monks, monks-at-large and monks serving in specific centers around the world are affiliated with the Church and Absolute Monastery in Campo.

The philosophy is shared globally. Sharing unconditional love around the world has brought the monks and me of the UNI face to face with every race, creed and culture and as monks we reveal our knowledge, wisdom, caring and presence.

The greatest joy I experience as an active Monk is in living this philosophy on a one-on-one basis and to individuals, groups large and small, to people of every persuasion who invite us back saying: They cannot get enough of that wonderful stuff.

The entire world is a mirror of what I think about and what I live.

The philosophy of the Church of God Unlimited and the University of Healing is not new—it is to love my divinity and love my creation. As the UNI teaches this concept the entire world sparkles alive with brotherly love and peace on Earth. This is the never-ending story of humanity revealing its divinity unto itself and all its creation.

Born To Talk

FOR 35 YEARS the Church and UNI waltz into the lives of people all over the world, well received everywhere. The philosophy of Unconditional Love touches men, women and children, embracing each in a feeling of ONENESS.

It is my great joy to share this awareness with all mankind NOW!

Mostly I forget the years as they flow by, my students remind me that it is October 15th once again, another 365 days of telling the story of awareness and love.

One student in Switz-erland, Jerôme Suter, grew up in the seminars in Europe and America. He and his sister Sabrina, spent weeks of quiet attention attending and listening to my seminars on "I Am Number One" and all of the positive lessons I shared. They never complained. They spent their summers with their grandmother Gertrud Suter on the Campo campus. Jerôme has a name he gave me when he was eight years old: Born To Talk. The name is apt.

I share with all of our students to live in the now. Rather than to review the past, as exciting and glorious as it is, the now is even more appropriate for who and what I am.

Questions I Ask Myself

WHAT CONCLUSION have I arrived at over these years? Do I know who and what I am? Do I understand what it means to be a human being aware of my divinity? Is my life a lot of fun? Can I honestly say that I have more joy than sorrow in my life? Are my affirmations fruitful?

My Life Is The Answer

DO I ANSWER THESE que-stions with tongue in cheek, or have I fulfilled these questions happily and successfully?

I answer these questions from either the relative viewpoint or the absolute awareness. From the relative I live a life of illusion, a life of appearances. I live a life of never-ending desires seeking fulfillment.

As I do this, I do not find success. For, for every success or achievement, there is another goal standing forth awaiting my claim upon it.

As I have absolute concepts as my vision for myself I find that all is already fulfilled, all is already complete, all is done. There is nothing more for me to chase after since all exists complete and whole.

Now I question myself: Should I live in the relative, I find it difficult to ignore the relative world in which I live. Can I have the relationship, the house, the car, the employment, the wealth, the health, and the happiness that it is possible for me to know—really!

The answer is an unqualified yes! I can have all and do have all. It is in my consciousness. As I delight in every phase-aspect-expression-revelation of each experience in my life, I have the unqualified joy now.

So many of my students say to me: You, You, You Herb, You can do it, but I cannot!

I ask my family, students and friends, Why is it that you cannot do it!

The only answer coming back is: I cannot do it because I am not dedicated with all of my heart to living the principle—Thoughts are things; Every thought I think results in its manifestation; It IS done unto me according to my belief, my conviction and my affirmation; I am master of my world of relative appearances, temporary illusions and on whatever I have placed my attention. It is done unto me NOW according to my thought.

The relative world is a world of illusion, seemingly quite real.

The absolute world is a world of eternity, existence everlasting.

I am created as an idea out of the infinite consciousness. I am a perfect idea. I am an idea already revealed in the allness. My demand for myself is to be aware of what that allness, isness is. I am aware of who and what I truly am, the divine idea, as soon as I stop thinking I am the appearance of the creation of my temporary thoughts.

I am not bad or wrong for thinking in the relative world of appearances that that which I see I am—rather I limit my possibilities to the temporary rather than tying my attention to my reality, to my absolute self.

I love being myself and having fun all of the time.

I will go on being myself and having fun for the next 35 years and for the next 35 years after that—without end. What a way to live!

 —Dr Herbert L Beierle