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Argue For Your Limitations

And They Are Yours


          The phrase Argue for your limitations and they are yours speaks of a condition that we all are familiar with and exercise too often.

          As a mentor to students, parishioners, clients and friends all of my life I have run across almost any possible situation that one can imagine. People come to me with their problems seeking a solution. Since they are obvious with their problems I can openly suggest they put a cause in motion to accomplish any goal they desire for themselves.

          Since we are so comfortable with our problems, having had them for a long time generally, we really do not want to end the problem; we merely want to tell the problem to someone new. If they had not seen me before they think I am ripe to hear their circumstances and to hopefully commiserate with them over the sadness of their dilemma.

          With bluster and verve they enter into their tale of woe. I ask them: Tell me what you WANT to experience. But they go on with their argument, colorfully they list their limitation, dramatically they reveal their aches and pains, they are in heaven telling of their anxiety.

          If I am successful in getting them to tell me what they would like to experience, it is only a few moments before we have an entirely new story unfolding. They put a positive cause in motion and get a positive response.

          Some of the nicest people are the best debaters for their life crises and joyfully they experience the theme of their woebegone song again and again.

          Anyone who would like to argue for their beneficial life can experience that. The Law is no respecter of persons. Whatever cause is put into motion takes place. I do my best to recommend a positive cause. Those who follow this course are infinitely happy and enjoy life to its fullest.