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I Trust You With My Life


What is your integrity, your honor and your reputation worth? Would your family and friends say of you: I trust you with my life? If this is a gift your world bestows on you, if so value it, regard it, live worthy of it. Our reputation can be torn asunder by the fortunes of life. However, our real reputation and integrity can never be touched, regardless of appearances, if we have this quality within us at the heart of our being.

          A friend had an accident. It involved other friends of mine. I went to the other friends and told them I would assure that they would be indemnified. This made them relieved and happy.

          Another friend standing nearby spoke quietly to the group and said, "If Herb gives his word you can count on it. I would trust Herb with my life."

          Many more things were said, but I did not hear them. I was so pleased with the comment of trust.

          How do we earn the trust of another? How do we deserve the confidence of others in our word and in our actions? The answer is in the manner in which we live our lives since it becomes our calling card announcing our integrity. While actions speak louder than words, thoughts speak louder than either words or actions. As we think in our heart so are the responses we have in life. This is the picture we shine forth to all the world of who and what we are.

          To earn such an accolade is not difficult. It means we live up to our personal best at all times.

          When we are ill do we moan or do we speak our word that we are whole and perfect and shine forth our smile of confidence?

          When we are beset by financial difficulties is our first move to borrow or sponge from our relatives and friends, or do we seek financial counseling so we can put our problems to right and fulfill our every indebtedness?

          For every problem in life there is a proper solution followed by every person of integrity and good reputation.

          One area we often do not think about but which is of immense importance is that of our quiet submission to a hurt for which we are not responsible rather than to put another to the test who is not ready for the test by their lack of admission of guilt. Can we be still? Can we continue to be our loving selves under the most intensively incriminating circumstances? Can we be above casting aspersions in hope of regaining our apparent loss of good will and community regards?

          The opportunity to stand up for our word, to stand up for whom and what we are is given to every human being. How each one of us stands up for the type of person each is indicates the depth of the person and our real strength of character.

          We can only ask ourselves whether another would trust their life to us and would we be worthy of holding such a treasure. If we can answer yes to such a glorious tribute, we will be our own monument to a life well lived and nothing more ever need be said.

          Whatsoever things are of good report think on these things, for such is the kingdom of heaven. Whatever we momently have in our thinking, speaking and acting reveals to us and to our world the depth of our delight in living.


          Perhaps more to come . . .