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GIST - December 1999 Issue
To The Pure All Is Pure


Ellen          Dr Ellen Wilma Margareta Josepha Elizabeth Jermini

     As I know my real values in life, I live in a pure consciousness. My pure eyes see only purity. My everlasting reward is my seeing success everywhere.

     It is a lovely warm Sunday morning in September. The UNI-36-foot Bounder motor home is ready to take off for a seven thousand mile trip around America. The happy monks of the Absolute Monastery and the ministers-at-large of the Church of God Unlimited join with me to bless the Rolling Embassy before Herb, Greg and I set out.

     The Californian sun smiles ever so gently from the clear blue sky. Free like a bird I glide through golden hills constantly changing its color from the deep lush green to a lifeless gray pyramids soaring into the sky. Steep terrains rolling to hilly wooded ranch lands to dairy farms, dash by like fairy tale pictures, all so pretty. I traverse scenic hills and dales, each a splendid colorful view. Hunting and fishing corners abound. As I follow my inner road map I am lead to innumerable yet fascinating adventures.

     I find glorious recreational vehicle parks with breath-taking views on enthralling lakes where I can meditate in the silence of multihued autumn-forests. Refreshing creeks splash along wooded pastures so inviting for fun picnic basket stops. I soak up the warm September sun and even catch a few revitalizing raindrops a perfect shower for "my" dusty motor home. Everywhere I arrive, I am welcomed with joy and love.

     To the pure, all is pure is my inmost thought before I turn the key of my 450 Ford-engine: I surround this car with my pure white light of love, all my ways are peace, all my ways are pleasantness, I firmly speak before I move "my" rolling Embassy.

     It is my fifth day and I am joyously driving towards Minneapolis. Unexpectedly I hear a strange noise under the driverís seat. Carefully I listen, stop and check out, but the mystery remains uncovered! The sun twinkles with its last warm beams wrapping the sky in a golden mantel of purity as I slowly exit the freeway in this busy rush hour time.

     Gary, the owner of a big truck shop, gives "my" Bounder a quick look. "I have a good friend ten miles from here--who is professional to do a perfect job for you. He confirms to me that he will come and pick you up tomorrow morning and lead you to his shop. It is now past six oíclock and I am closing for the night."

     To the pure, all is pure I know from within before Gary offers me a parking space in his truck yard to stay overnight. More fun, I think as I watch my 36-foot motor home parked now looking so tiny--among those huge million-dollar trucks with their heavy cargo. They come and go all night long. Their monotonously humming engines finally turn into a quiet lullaby and I fall sound asleep.

     I do not ask why things happen. Intrinsically I flow with the adventurous program and I am conscious that god in me is always on duty that I am god and I am responsible.

     Early next morning a brilliant red Ford truck stops in front of my Bounder. Kim Redling, a well-known mechanic of the area, in his fortieth year, greets me with a firm handshake. His wet combed blond hair and his freshly washed work outfit reflect orderliness and selfconfidence. Behind his glasses two deep blue eyes sparkle forth honesty and integrity. With great expectation I follow him to his repair store out in the neverland, where he lives and works in quietness.

     Kim knows his job and instantly tells me what has to be replaced. While ordering the new parts from the next town, tedious waiting hours turn into a most fascinating philosophical discussion time with our friend Kim. Interested in life, he wants to know who I am, where I go, what I do and finally what the University of Healing teaches. Nothing ever happens by chance I realize as I mutually share the whys, whats, hows of life. I observe, how Kim loves life and as his charming stories tell--he is always there when it calls forth.

     "One day as I was daydreaming traveling along the Freeway when I was alerted and saw a van on fire on the other side of the road. Instantly I stopped. I ran over the busy interstate to assist the desperate family. In a moment I put out the fire just before the wind caught it.

     "The family was on their way to Sailorville, a village 50 miles away from my home. They were so distressed for they wanted to go to their Aunt Frieda and Uncle Paulís 40th wedding anniversary. Behind their van they pulled a heavy camping trailer. I instantly identified the problem of their van and proceeded to get them to my shop.

     "As it was time for the great family party, I wanted them to be with their folks. Intuitively, I took my truck and pulled them with their camper to the party place in Sailorville. It all went so quick and well. We only arrived five minutes late for the party and a happy crowd welcomed us even inviting me to the great celebration.

     "The following Monday I drove up with my truck to Sailorville to pull the familyís trailer back to my mechanic shop. In the meantime I started to repair their van. Their great worry of how to pay the expenses dissolved after I explained to them how to deal beneficially with their insurance company. It was a great adventure for all of us to see how everything worked out beautifully."

     The story turned into a blessing for everyone. Kim remained pure to his thoughts. But not only that, his assistance was unconditionally loving to the end; he did not charge a penny for his help.

     To the pure, all is pure I brought home from my seven thousand mile trip around America realizing that there is so much good in the world when I look with pure eyes.

     It is Christmastime and I often think of my adventurous trip throughout my United States of America. (December 10, 1999 I am inducted as a citizen of America.) In everyone I met I see the living Christ. For wherever I go there is love, there is light my love and my light.

     Merry Christmas Merry Christmas all year round!