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GIST - December 1999 Issue
Y2K—Preparing for 2000


HerbIn December, I think of Christmas. This December I think of the glorious transition from one century to another, from 1900 to 2000. A time of glorious change. The computer industry has made me aware of another condition that should say something to me as human being as well as my computer driven society.

     A device I created to run my world and make my life easy informs me that I must physically change its date from 00 to 000 to move to its complete number of 2000. A simple thing, however when it is not done all of its systems will crash because it needs to be told with which number it is working.

     My brain, my personal inner computer, must be equally informed about the condition with which I work with it. My brain is a simple structure yet its infinite variables must be programed to function harmoniously.

     Just as humanity is vitally concerned over the Y2K transition for its computer devices so that they will keep the economic balance of the world, so my brain needs to know its position in the scheme of things. I need to program my brain with concepts and words that inform it that it is functioning in the right pathway. My brain needs to know that I have confidence in its innate genius, that I respect its natural capacity to accomplish all things harmoniously and effectively for my good.

     True, I must program my computer by preparing it for the millennium or it will not function well. For all of my computers running Windows I do the following to prepare each for Y2K:

     I double click on "My Computer," I double click on "Control Panel," I double click on "Regional Settings," I click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page. Where it says "Short Date Sample," I see it shows a "two digit year"—the default setting of Windows 95 and 98. This date is the date that feeds application software and will not roll over to the year 2000; it will only roll over to 00. I click the button across from "Short Date Style" and select the option that shows mm/dd/yyyy (I make sure the four Y’s are showing), then I click "Apply" and then I click on "OK" at the bottom. Easy enough to fix, however each of my Windows installation is defaulted to fail the Y2K rollover unless I do it myself.

     As I prepare for Y2K with my computer, I will find no crash.

     As I prepare for Y2K with my brain, I will find no crash. I will find that my life runs smoothly and harmoniously. To prepare my brain I do the following:

     Daily I tell myself: I like me.

     Daily I tell myself: My body is the temple of the living spirit.

     Daily I tell myself: I am the creator of my world. I create every person and circumstance in my world. I create everything good and very good.

     Doing my computer preparation, I will avoid crashing. Doing my brain programing, I will avoid crashing. I will live a wonderful life, indeed!