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GIST - December 1999 Issue
Heaven Is A New House


Heaven is a new house. Moving into fresh newly painted rooms you use: the study-office, the bedroom, the kitchen, the breakfast room, the dining room, the living room, the guest room and the playroom. Every house does not necessarily offer such a full compliment of rooms but each room offers its newness and delight in building your own vibrations there.

Campus Embassy

The campus of ORDER OF ABSOLUTE, Absolute Monastery, Church of God Unlimited, University of Healing, University of Philosophy, Far Valley Ranch and Worldwide Healing Ministry has many buildings serving our needs. We have the Monastery, the Citadel, the Hermitage, the Retreats, the swimming pool and outdoor chapels under our Live Oak Trees.

     Now we have added another lovely structure to our 80-acre spiritual center. We have added the Embassy to the campus. It includes: the UNI Deanís offices, the great lecture-seminar hall, counseling rooms, the Jermini Prayer Chapel meditation center and sound studio, a four-car garage and a meditation-introspection room with its Swimex and Jacuzzi for staff and students. It is the work and living site of the Ambassador of our multinational international interdenominational church corporations.

     The great hall will host seminars to be held annually within its walls. Here too are given daily lectures and meditation retreats.

     The Jermini Prayer Chapel looks over the mountains and meditation garden. From the Jermini Prayer Chapel are prepared meditation tapes, Mr Candle talks and inspirational talks used in student lessons. The Jermini Prayer Chapel is dedicated as a living honor to the Chairman of the Board, the Reverend Doctor Ellen Jermini as a gift from her children and grandchildren.

     The Ambassadorís study is the editorial and creative center of the Dean. The study is adjacent to the counseling offices. Already it has been the scene of many counseling sessions and administrative work of the Dean.

     Our motto: Be Yourself and Have fun!  is emphasized by the creation of the many meditation paths and the introspection time facilities on campus the gracious outdoors swimming pool surrounded by the Absolute Monastery Monk Cells and the Swimex center in the Embassy. The meditation paths weave a quiet network of miles of walking paths throughout the campus grounds of the Absolute Monastery and the adjacent thousands of acres of public land. The Paradise Garden with its waterfall and circulating ponds offers a quiet place of introspection. Looking out over the many mountains surrounding the international headquarters, this several acre garden is a place of mental focus for inner seekers.

     As the Embassy landscaping is completed we will put pictures of these features in future issues of the GIST.

What If No One Came

A dedicated student who has counseled with me over the decades, wrote telling of his reaching out to be the finest minister-at-large he is able to be. The thoughts from his letter speak to many of us as we are starting out in the ministry. I will let the Reverend Roger Perry speak for himself.

Dear Herb: Yes, indeed, I am a minister-at-large of the Church of God Unlimited and it is an honor to serve my fellowman. I am looking forward to writing my thesis on WHY I DESIRE TO BE A MINISTER. There may even be some things in my thesis of which even YOU are not yet aware. Truthfully, I cannot say that for sure, because I revealed a lot of myself to you when we were together and you probably know me better than anyone I have ever known.

     However, I have an inner concern a fear that I may not be a successful minister. I question whether I am worthy to be a representative for God Unlimited as a minister.

     After meditating on this for some time, I created the opportunity to speak to more and more people on the philosophy we believe. In so doing, I became aware that I created this because I needed to affirm my newly gained understanding, my ability to express my true God nature and the reality of who I am as God.

     You said in the MINISTERS MANUAL on Page 92 Some ministers/practitioners have concern over the thought, What if I held a healing service and nothing happened? My thought is, What if I hold a worship service and no one came?

     You said anyone who has thoughts like this is already done-in-for and might as well get out of the practice because you have already called/created yourself and the service a failure.

     I am not willing to go out like that. I know that I know that I know. I have no doubt in myself as God. When I talk with people I sense the magnetic attraction my inner spirit has with them and how the truth that I speak energizes their every fiber. As I speak, I feel a great energy filling me, empowering me, uplifting my inner awareness, sharpening my memories and so much more.

     Truly as Ellen, my proctor, told me in the beginning of my studies, I am in for quite an adventure. The only thing that can slow me down is the fear that I have within myself and the limitations I choose to believe in.

     Now I wrap each person with whom I counsel with my great white light of love, knowing I had to do no more. I work with many others on a daily basis and know there is a definite place for my ministry.

     Happy birthday on your 24th anniversary for the UNI. I know you have made a difference in my life. You will be around for another 24,000 years to touch and enlighten other lives as you have mine.

     Thank you Herb. I believe in myself. I am a good minister.

Each one of us comes to a point of awakening in our lives where we take hold of the miracle of who we are. As we see all in the world about us as beautiful as we conceive us to be, our ministry will flow in a neverending circle of blessings.