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October 2005

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Anniversary celebration, graduation and seminar

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EJ Shares - October 2005 Issue

Going For Wellness

EllenMY SON DIEGO told me that he spent a relaxing week in a wellness center in Austria. "It was great, I was spoilt with gentle body massages, ate special health foods and kept fit exploring the idyllic countryside on bicycle."

"How exciting," I giggled into the phone, "so you calmed down from your intensive banking work as a vice president and enjoyed a week of peace."

When I hung up, I thought, yes indeed, a wellness-vacation, that sounds inspiring. Everyone would sign up for that.

Daily I give myself innumerable opportunities to live a wellness-style life. According to my priorities I make responsible decisions and am aware of what I create by my thoughts. Every moment is a dynamic moment as I live happily in the now. I fulfill my exciting daily schedule with sincerity and integrity, and I have tons of fun.

In our July School of the Master seminar here on the UNI campus a group of students from around the world experienced an outstanding "extended spiritual wellness week." Each decided to care only about their body and soul. It worked! Every seminar participant returned home rejuvenated in spirit, mind and body. People flew in from Africa, Europe, New Zealand and America ready for a special uplifting revealing week. The daily program started at 3 am with the three-hour-meditation. During the first hour we sang together I AM GOD, GOD I AM affirming this truth. The second and third hours were lead by our UNI dean seminar leader, Dr Herbert L Beierle, to introduce newcomers to the illuminating three-hour-meditation program. This was a unique mental massage we each absorbed in a blissful state of consciousness.

With joy filled hearts the UNI staff served delightful meals with its special main course each evening. Dr Katarina Tawiri-Suter from New Zealand, with her two charming assistants: 9-year-old niece Sabrina and 13-year-old nephew Jerôme from Switzerland, lovingly prepared and served the gourmet natural raw-food dinners. The spiritual banquet was a neverending twenty-four-hour serving and included tasteful desserts of enlightening talks and shared experiences!

Each seminar participant walked the peaceful meditation paths around the campus successfully practicing personal introspection. They swam in the outside and inside swimming pools where some of the African students had their first time floating-in-water experience. Driving the four golf carts around the campus grounds was fun for the visiting children and became an unforgettable pleasant driving event for everyone who had no driving experience.

During the School of the Master seminar week the vibrations on campus were running so high that it was contagious to the campus handymen who were there not by chance. They respectfully stopped their work in awe of the passing mediators asking what was going on. They were eager to know and experience it too. Christy, an enthused undergraduate scholar flying in from London, England, asked one handyman, "Do you really know where you are working? This is a special place. You guys are lucky to enjoy these vibrations day in-day out and work here. We all are coming from afar to learn and stay with these fabulous people. They teach the truth, they live the truth and bless the world with their unconditional sharing. I tell you, young man, everyone in the world should know about this philosophy for it is the perfect truth: so simple, so pure and true. This philosophy has changed my life and the lives of my family and friends. I am a nurse and whenever I go to work I bless my patients and see them whole and perfect. It works! The young man remained speechless still absorbing her powerful conviction. Christy’s words re-echoed in his ears day and night.

A few weeks later he said: "I am ready now, I am ready! I want to learn. I want to know and live the truth too." We explained the requirements to him and agreed with him that this indeed was HIS path. He signed up as a University of Healing student and a campus Monk novitiate. He happily lives among us a devoted spiritual sojourner.

—Dr Ellen Jermini